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Why Does My Office Have Weak Cell Phone Signal?


Does your office or building have horrible cell phone signal? While you may have crystal clear reception from the parking lot or at your favorite lunch spot across the street, many offices suffer from weak reception within the walls of the building.

At Atlantic Technology Group, we have years of experience providing cellular solutions for poor wireless signal—and we are here to help you. Let’s break down the different factors that could be causing your weak cell phone signal in the office and then introduce ways to improve your reception.

Carrier Signal

Do only phones with your particular carrier have weak signal? Ask coworkers that have different carrier contracts (Verizon, AT&T, etc.) if they all experience poor reception inside the building. One carrier with weak signal may indicate that there are not enough towers close by. Multiple carriers with minimal reception may indicate something else is creating a dead zone.

Dead Zones

The reasoning behind cellular dead zones expands outside your office building. Dead zones are caused when mobile phone service is unavailable because the signal between the carrier’s tower is not reaching your cell phone’s antenna (most phones have internal antennas instead of the earlier pull-out models). This can be caused by geographical features in the way—including dense trees and hills—or a physical distance between the two that is too far to maintain a strong enough signal.

Inconsistent Signal Strength

You might have a strong signal as you walk through the main floor, but the managers’ office suites drop reception as soon as you enter. If this occurs, you likely have strong enough cell phone towers to support certain areas of your building but the signal is lost due to interference from another reason, including your floor plan or building material.

Building Layout

Some buildings are not designed to keep optimal cell phone reception throughout the floor plan. Structures that often experience this issue have solid, thick walls and framework, cramped office spaces, and many electronic devices. Buildings such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, office complexes, educational buildings, health care facilities, and event centers are buildings with weaker cell phone reception than most due to their integral structuring.

Building Interference

There might be a few building materials and pieces of equipment at your workplace that are interfering with your cell phone signal. These can include:

  • Different metals
  • Wire mesh
  • Insulation materials
  • Water
  • Trees and plants
  • Piping
  • And more

Number of Employees

Just as you may have seen cellular signal drop during big sports games or other events, the more people trying to receive signal from a wireless tower, the slower the download speed becomes and more dropped calls occur. If you work in a highly occupied building, the standard signal from the local wireless towers may not support your building’s demand for cellular reception.

Improve Cellular Signal in Your Office Building

While major carriers may have improved the signal strength of their 3G and 4G networks—allowing users to connect in subway tunnels and the deepest of basements, a strong cellular reception in your office building is crucial to the efficiency and reliability of your workflow.

If you need to increase the cell phone signal strength in your office or building, contact the experts at Atlantic Technology Group. Our technicians will be able to conduct a site survey to find out what is causing your office space to have such poor reception. Not only that, they will be able to fix the problem as well. We offer a wide range of basic to advanced cellular solutions for in-building signal problems.

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