Why Rent from ATG?


Atlantic Technology Group offers a wide assortment of mobile technology devices for rent, including smartphones, tablets, routers, and air cards. Before your business determines a vendor to rent your devices from, read the benefits that come from partnering with ATG!

ATG Understands Your (Unique) Needs

While iPhones may seem like one in a million these days, we know your rental needs are not. Your business is unique and likely has a unique situation for needing to rent mobile technology.

We pride ourselves on finding the perfect solution for your needs. When you work with us, you deal directly with our team—when it comes to communication, shipping, and payment.

ATG Eliminates the Need to Deal with Carriers

Avoid long phone waits and even worse hold music. When your company rents devices from us, we eliminate the need to deal with carriers. That means you can start and stop your rental agreement at any time, without having to call up the big guys and get a hard sell from a string of managers.

We simply provide the device and airtime for your business as long as you need it, no questions asked.

ATG Provides Flexibility

When you rent from us, you will benefit from:

  • No contract or commitment for your rental agreement with the ability to start and stop your agreement at any time
  • Flexibility in the equipment you need (and no hard sell for equipment you don’t)
  • Quick implementation for getting your business’s connectivity up and running

ATG’s Core Values Serve You

Our core values are very simple

  • Customer Centric – Our clients are the center of our existence. We are flexible and nimble in being able to execute quickly in responding to our clients’ needs.
  • Win/Win – We want our business relationships to be beneficial for the client and beneficial for us.
  • Respect for the Individual – Our culture is built on trust and respect for the individual. We believe in the golden rule of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Rent from ATG Today

Let us provide the solution you need. Whether you are looking for a short term or long term agreement, fill out our simple form and let us provide the perfect solution for your business. It only takes a few minutes to let us know what solutions we can provide you.

Request A Proposal

We can help find the best solution for your company’s needs when it comes to wireless, mobile, and other device technologies.