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Will a Signal Booster Work Anywhere?


Wherever a signal from a cell tower can be found, a signal booster can amplify that signal. However, there are indeed places where coverage is so poor, even outdoors, that a signal booster will not work.

Weak signals can be amplified to provide much better coverage, so most locations where people live and work can benefit from a booster.

The biggest obstacles for a signal booster include:

  • Cell phone towers located too far away
  • Geographical issues, i.e. mountains and forests, between you and the towers
  • No carrier coverage in area (the booster can amplify other available signals, but may not have 4G/LTE coverage for one or more carriers)

Given the widespread presence of cell towers across the country, most buildings can have signal boosters installed with great results. The first hurdle is simply locating the booster’s exterior antenna so it can pick up whatever signal is available outdoors.

My building has very spotty coverage — will signal boosters work?

Do you and coworkers struggle with dropped calls or “no service” errors in certain areas, but you can get a signal near windows or outside the building? This indicates that a signal booster can and should be used. Your phones are draining their batteries connecting to a weak signal even in areas where you don’t necessarily drop calls. Web browsing and text messages are also getting slowed down.

Many buildings have other obstacles besides distance from the cell towers. In the Mid-Atlantic region, the population density has a lot of concrete and metal packed into small areas. That kind of urban density makes the signal’s job much harder.

In larger buildings like warehouses or high-rise offices, there are more obstacles indoors. Signal boosters need to be located in the right places inside, with the device selected carefully based on the expected square footage of coverage and the difficulty of receiving a signal in the particular area affected.

Installing signal boosters correctly

Let’s say you get wonderful cell coverage right outside the building, and terrible coverage indoors. This indicates that you need a signal booster that will overcome a lot of obstruction. The building might need several boosters to serve different floors or areas, and the device might need to be rated for even more square footage than you really need.

Keep in mind, there’s no use waiting for the carriers to add more towers if you have coverage problems due to metal walls or geographical isolation. Find out what cell signal boosters are available and talk to an installation expert about how to set it up for the best results.

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