Technology Rentals for Tradeshows


The end of Summer and Early fall are among the most popular times of the year for tradeshows around the country.

Your success of your tradeshow booth is essential to achieving all of your tradeshow goals, whether those goals are to spread brand awareness, network with others within  your industry, gain sales leads, release a new product or service, or work your way into a new market. In order to achieve these goals, you’ll want to rent out certain technology. Certain types of technology will be more appropriate for certain types of goals, but the following are certainly a few technology rentals that you should consider:

  • Digital Signage – One of the most important elements of a tradeshow booth is the ability to attract people. A booth with little to no signage is going to have a hard time drawing people from a crowd – especially when you’re sharing space with dozens of other booths that are trying to get their attention. Instead of just hanging up a banner or a poster, consider renting a digital sign or two. Not only will this do a better job of making your booth stand out, but you’ll also be able to program it to run several different messages, making it that much more effective.
  • iPads – You may want to think about renting a handful of iPads at the very least. This will make it easy to capture leads. Instead of having leads write down their information on a piece of paper, they can just sign up directly to your website via an iPad. It makes keeping your information organized a much easier task and eliminates the step of having to enter handwritten information into your database after the tradeshow has ended. Not to mention that people are more willing to sign up on an iPad since it will only take a matter of seconds to do, whereas writing down information by hand can be seen as a hassle. Setting up a number of iPads ensures that you won’t have leads waiting in line to sign up.
  • Laptops – You may want to rent out a few laptops for the people that are manning your booth, especially if they don’t have their own laptops. This allows them to put orders through or control various elements of your booth, such as your digital signage. You can rent usually rent laptops with a number of different specs and networking options.
  • Air Cards – In today’s world, connectivity is vital to a business, and tradeshow organizers know this–resulting in outrageously expensive internet access costs. No-contract air card rentals can be a great alternative at a lower cost.
  • PA System – One way to improve your exhibit’s experience is by playing music through a PA system – or simply linking a PA system up to your TVs for better sound quality. A PA system will help amplify the voices of your booth crew to make them easier to hear as well.

Technology Rentals for Tradeshows from ATG

No matter what tradeshow technology rental solution you need—whether for your next event or a series of nationwide conventions, ATG has the product available for you to rent without having to deal with binding contracts or external service providers.  You can rent:

  • Smartphones (including Android and iOS)
  • Cellular routers
  • Tablets
  • AT&T air cards
  • AT&T Mifi hotspots
  • Cel-Fi signal boosters

How Our Tradeshow Technology Rentals Work

When your company rents from ATG, we’ll first find out what technology your team needs. With a quick turnaround time for a quote, you can have your technology (whether that is smartphones, tablets, routers, or more) shipped and ready no matter where your next event is. Our products offer superior nationwide coverage, so you’ll know you’re able to connect when you need to. When your team no longer needs your rented equipment, simply return it to ATG—no need to get the carriers or contracts involved!

Our stock of technology is ready for you and we have the leading manufacturing brands ready for you!

Fill out our simple form to begin the process (it only takes a few minutes to let us know what solutions we can provide for your next event).

Benefits of Renting from ATG

Your business is unique and likely has a unique situation for needing to rent mobile technology. That’s where ATG comes in. We pride ourselves on finding the perfect solution for your needs. When you work with us, you deal directly with our team—when it comes to communication, shipping, and payment. We eliminate the need to deal with carriers—which also means you can start and stop your rental agreement at any time. We simply provide the device and airtime for your business as long as you need it.

Get started today. Fill out our simple form and let us provide the perfect solution for your company.

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