Will a Cell Phone Booster Work For Me?


As you most likely know, cell phone reception is vital if you’re attempting to run a business. Even though you might have landlines in your building, no company can do without good cell phone reception in this day and age. Unfortunately, not every office building has good cell phone service. If you don’t get a strong signal in your building, then you may want to consider investing in a cell phone booster.

How a Cell Phone Booster Can Help

Obviously, if the signal is weak inside of your office building, then a cell phone booster can probably help. However, the following are a few of the reasons why you might have a weaker signal and how a cell phone booster can help:

  • The building materials restrict interior signals – If you notice that there’s no problem getting a good signal directly outside of your office building, but that the signal is much weaker inside, then it’s most likely because of the materials used in the building’s construction. Certain materials – for example, like wire mesh – will restrict the cell phone signal inside of your building. This such a case, you’ll need a cell phone booster that will help blanket the entire building in a stronger signal.
  • The building is so large, the signal needs to be amplified better – For extremely large office buildings or warehouses, you may need a cell phone booster in order to better amplify the signal throughout your entire building.
  • The building is located in an area that has a weak signal – In some cases, your company’s building may simply be located in an area that doesn’t get a strong signal because it’s not close enough to any provider towers. Fortunately, a cell phone booster allows you to extend your range to pick up a signal. Omni-directional boosters will scan in 360 degrees to pick up a stronger signal from the closest cell phone towers. However, if your building is located in a more rural area, you may want to consider ayagi booster. A yagi antenna can only cover 45 to 90 degrees, but its narrow field of concentration allows it to pull in a signal from much farther away.

The Benefits of Using a Cell Phone Booster

A cell phone booster doesn’t just provide your business with a stronger signal, it helps to:

  • Prevent dropped calls
  • Eliminate dead zones
  • Improve the quality of the voices on the other line
  • Improve download and upload speeds
  • Improve reception

These are essential to running a business. Can you imagine attempting to speak with a client, business partner or potential investor and not being able to hear what they are telling you because the reception is so poor? Or, even worse, being cut off? This could really affect your efforts to conduct even just day-to-day business operations.

If your building has a poor signal, whether the signal is poor outside or inside, you should strongly consider installing a cell phone booster to pull in a stronger signal.

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