What Are the Best Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Homes?


Dropped calls can happen anywhere, not just out in the country or on a road trip. In fact, densely populated areas tend to have some of the worst cell phone signal problems. In the Mid-Atlantic region, we know this well. Whether you live on a beachfront property in Maryland or a high-rise apartment building in New Jersey, there are options for improving your cell phone signal at home.

Cell phone signal boosters (or amplifiers) can turn your faint signal into full coverage — meaning fewer dropped calls, faster web browsing, and longer battery life.

How to Compare Cell Phone Signal Boosters

The best signal booster for you might not be the same as the best one for a house down the road. Square footage, carrier compatibility, and a few other factors help determine which is best for you. When shopping around, consider these criteria:

  • Data speeds (2G, 3G, 4G, LTE)
  • Square footage
  • All carriers or one specific carrier
  • Installation process
  • Brand quality

Stronger and more advanced boosters will cost a bit more than simpler versions. However, we recommend choosing something more than just sufficient. The advertised square footage should be at least as large as your house, not less. Getting 4G/LTE coverage will feel smart in a few years even if you barely use your phone for internet activities today.

Wilson Electronics and its subsidiaries are widely considered the gold standard in signal boosters. They make high-tech products for large businesses as well as small but powerful options for single homes.

Top Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Home Use

Consumer reviews and industry experts agree that Wilson’s line of home cell phone boosters provides the best experience. These two models are most popular for the average home, in terms of both overall strength as well as reliability and ease of use:

  • Wilson weBoost Connect 4G: Made for 5,000 square-foot homes and offices, this model is ample strength for most people.
  • Wilson weBoost Home 4G: Rated for 1,500 square feet, this model costs a little less. If you only need to improve coverage in one area, like a home office in the basement, the Home 4G should cover you easily.

Best Signal Boosters for Large Homes

Wilson also makes a booster for homes up to 7,500 square feet, the Connect 4G-X. This model may be worth the cost increase not only for larger homes, but also medium-sized homes with significant signal weakness.

There are also Connect 3G-X models to boost talk and text for large homes. The 3G models will not handle Internet streaming as well, but they make very cost-effective options for large homes and outdoor areas.

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