Best Way to Improve Cell Phone Signal at Home


Weak cell signal in your home? There are a lot of products on the market that promise to improve your cell signal, but many of them are more hype than performance. At Atlantic Technology Group we carry a wide range of proven, reliable cell signal boosting products from industry leading manufacturers.

What to Look For in a Cell Phone Signal Booster

The best signal booster for you might not be the same as the best one for a house down the road. Square footage, carrier compatibility, and a few other factors help determine which is best for you. When shopping around, consider these criteria:

  • Data speeds (2G, 3G, 4G, LTE)
  • Square footage
  • All carriers or one specific carrier
  • Installation process
  • Brand quality

Stronger and more advanced boosters will cost a bit more than simpler versions. However, we recommend choosing something more than just sufficient. The advertised square footage should be at least as large as your house, not less. Getting 4G/LTE coverage will feel smart in a few years even if you barely use your phone for internet activities today.

Wilson Electronics and its subsidiaries are widely considered the gold standard in signal boosters. They make high-tech products for large businesses as well as small but powerful options for single homes.

Types of Cell Phone Boosters Are There?

There are many types of cell boosters on the market, but the two most common methods to boost cell phone service include:

Basic In-Building Cell Booster Solutions

Entry-level solutions can solve cell phone signal weakness problems in a home or small business.  These boosters are packaged as a kit, they can solve your wireless problems with an exterior antenna, a cable that runs from the antenna to the amplifier, and an indoor antenna that amplifies the signal inside your office space. Or if you are trying to improve the signal for one specific carrier we also can provide a smart repeater that will be easier to install.

Advanced In-Building Cell Booster Solutions

If your home is larger (multiple levels, great square footage, etc.), you will need a more customized and advanced solution with multiple components to amplify the cell signal throughout the entire property. At ATG, we can help design and install the best system for your situation and ensure that building codes, safety measures, and optimized signal strength are all priorities in our work.

Omni-Directional vs. Directional

As the names would imply, directional antennas function directionally while omni-directional antennas function in all directions. Omni-directional antennas can receive signals from a full 360 degree radius while directional antennas have a radius of only 45 to 90 degrees. They each have their own advantages and disadvantages, including:

Omni-Directional Antennas

Advantages of omni-directional antennas:

  • Ease of installation
  • Amplify cell signals from multiple carriers with different cell towers in multiple locations.
  • Great for boosting 3G & 4G signal when building material is the main problem of cellular interruption

Disadvantages of omni-directional antennas:

  • Range is less than that of a directional antenna
  • Not ideal for areas where poor signal areas where the culprit is cell tower distance

Directional Antennas

Advantages of directional antennas:

  • Directional antennas are more powerful than omni-directional antennas.
  • They are better suited for people in rural areas where the distance between cell towers is much greater than in urban or suburban areas.

Disadvantages of directional antennas:

  • Generally boosts signal for one carrier
  • Need to point the antenna towards the direction of the cell tower

Top Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Home Use

Consumer reviews and industry experts agree that Wilson’s line of home cell phone boosters provides the best experience. These two models are most popular for the average home, in terms of both overall strength as well as reliability and ease of use:

  • Wilson weBoost Connect 4G: Made for 5,000 square-foot homes and offices, this model is ample strength for most people.
  • Wilson weBoost Home 4G: Rated for 1,500 square feet, this model costs a little less. If you only need to improve coverage in one area, like a home office in the basement, the Home 4G should cover you easily.

Need Assistance?

Atlantic Technology Group offers a wide range of cell boosters and signal amplifiers as well as installation throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. We can help you choose a product that best suits your needs and ensure that it is properly installed, providing you with optimal and consistent cell signal throughout your building.

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