How to Boost your Cell Phone Signal in your Small Office Space


Everyone hates dropped calls and that gargling robot voice due to bad reception, but when cell phone signal problems affect your business, it really hurts you where it counts. You send an important email from your phone, only to discover hours later that it never sent. You’re researching something right before a big meeting, but the web page won’t load on your phone.

It’s time to put your small business in the big leagues with better cell phone coverage. Atlantic Technology Group can help you deploy cell phone signal boosting solutions for businesses and homes throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

Easy Ways to Boost Cell Signals at Work

Depending on your building, location, and distance from your carrier’s cell tower, there are small things you can do to make a dent in the office’s signal weakness:

  • Test your phone’s signal strength in decibels in various spots so you know where the dead zones are
  • Know the location of your cell tower so you can point the phone’s antenna toward it when necessary
  • Turn off data-consuming features like “background app refresh” to conserve your bandwidth

Of course, most people want hassle-free access to the wireless data they’re paying for. If the office cell reception still dissatisfies, explore ATG’s signal booster solutions.

Wireless Signal Amplifiers

Businesses with indoor dead zones can significantly improve the office’s cell phone signal with a wireless amplifier. These devices pick up cell signals including 4G/LTE networks from any of the carriers with an antenna installed on an exterior wall or rooftop. The amplifier’s antenna sends the signal indoors, where an indoor antenna boosts it around the office.

Wilson Electronic is the leading brand of wireless signal amplifiers, and we carry their products in various sizes and configurations. Home offices and small businesses can use the Wilson weBoost Home 4G for up to 1,500 square feet or the weBoost Connect 4G for up to 5,000 square feet. ATG supplies other models and brands of in-building wireless amplifiers, so we can help you pick out and install the right one for your location and users.

Smart Repeaters

An even simpler solution is the smart repeater, which does not require an exterior antenna or any complicated installation whatsoever. ATG has smart repeaters that provide 3G and 4G coverage for up to 13,000 square feet while adding clarity, reducing dropped calls, and powering downloads up to 42Mb.

Smart repeaters are an elegant solution for businesses that would prefer not to install an antenna outside but need a powerful signal boost for cell phones all over the office. Our smart repeaters work for up to 60 users at a time, making them amply sufficient for small offices.

ATG Can Help

The wireless experts at Atlantic Technology Group can help business owners find right-sized solutions with major improvements to cell phone signals. We serve the entire Mid-Atlantic and you can contact us to describe your office’s cell reception problems and discuss signal boosters and smart repeaters that can keep your team connected.

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