In-Building Cellular Solutions in Baltimore, MD

If you want to improve cellular signal strength inside your building, and ensure your clients and employees have stable cellular connectivity, experts at Atlantic Technology Group are ready to help you. We’ve helped numerous businesses in Baltimore and the surrounding areas boost their signal strength, and we can help you too.

With almost two decades of experience in the industry, we are one of the leading providers of in-building solutions in Baltimore. We offer cellular connectivity solutions customized to meet the unique needs of your business. Let’s take a look at how we can provide you with the cellular resilience and continuity you need for success.

How Can ATG Help You Improve Cellular Signal Strength?

Atlantic Technology Group delivers the highest level of customer service through the combination of experience, knowledge, and integrity.  We help our clients address their in-building coverage difficulties, no matter the coverage area.

Our solutions were designed to cover the complete lifecycle of your wireless environment, and we can assist you with in-building signal amplification for all 3G, 4G, 5G LTE devices. With ATG’s team of experts on your side, you can say goodbye to poor signal strength and data speed and say hello to better cellular coverage.

How Much Does It Cost to Improve In-Building Signal Strength in Baltimore, Maryland?

The most important factors that determine the cost of in-building solutions include the type of service needed, the type of amplification equipment, as well as the size of the area that needs signal enhancement.

Improving the signal performance for your home office or a different small area will typically cost around a few hundred dollars.  Whereas, enhancing signal strength for areas of several thousand or hundred thousand square feet can cost you a few thousand dollars.

Depending on the coverage area and the type of equipment, we offer entry-level and advanced in-building services and solutions. If you need help determining the cost of signal improvement, give us a call.  We will identify the best in-building solution for your business.

Why Choose Atlantic Technology Group?

ATG has helped businesses of all sizes from Baltimore implement high-quality, cost-effective cellular connectivity. We are dedicated to creating value for our clients by enhancing the mobility experience and helping businesses gain a competitive advantage.

If you need help boosting your cell signal strength, you should look no further as we are ready to help you! Our services are designed to provide support through all aspects of your cellular device’s lifecycle, and these services include:

  • In-building cellular solutions – if you need better voice and data coverage, our team of professionals will create and implement a tailored connectivity solution that will meet the unique needs of your Baltimore, MD building.
  • Device continuity program – we know that there’s value in consistency and that having a discontinued certified device can create problems. Luckily, our network of suppliers can extend the lifecycle of your discontinued device and maintain inventory for your business.
  • Accessory program – besides maintaining your inventory, we can also provide the right accessories and deliver them based on a rollout schedule.
  • Mobile management services – if your Baltimore, MD business needs help managing its mobile device inventory, we are ready to be your one-stop solution as we can handle everything, including device acquisition and rollouts, carrier provisioning, device continuity, and in-building connectivity solutions.
  • SD-WAN – our SD-WAN solutions allow fast and secure communications over numerous transportation protocols, including MPLS and LTE, and with support for VPNs. Your team will have everything they need for efficient and productive communication.

Certified Installation of In-Building Cellular Amplifiers in Baltimore, Maryland

If you are in need of in-building or IoT solutions, feel free to contact us at (301) 330-6260 and we will help assess your needs and come up with the best solution for your unique needs when it comes to mobile, and other device technologies.

Our solutions will save you time, money and help increase your competitive advantage. Give ATG a call and find out why we are one of the leading providers of in-building cellular solutions in Maryland.

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