ATG strives to offer our clients the best of class of what we call “connected devices” for mobility and data collection solutions. This is a broad category of devices that have been designed to connect to the carrier’s network. We typically provide these devices and one of our software solutions to provide a turnkey solution. We also provide a suite of services to support the devices.

ATG offers a broad portfolio of wireless modules for mobile computing and M2M, and offer a module for every need. From PCI Express MiniCards to surface-mount modules; from modem-only functionality to fully programmable devices. Our portfolio of module devices include partners for this offering include devices from Sierra Wireless and Option.

We support these devices with a suite of services that are necessary to deploy and support these devices in the enterprise.

Some of the services we offer to support these devices include;

  • Extended Warranty
  • Carrier Configuration & Provisioning
  • Carrier and Device Asset Report
  • IP Labeling (if applicable)
  • Firmware & Post Updates completed pre-deployment
  • Carrier and Manufacturer Advocacy Services
  • Device Recovery and Reprogramming Services
  • Post-sale Deployed Device Recovery