IOT Solutions in the Mid-Atlantic Region

Atlantic Technology Group provides top-tier products and solutions to fulfill all of your technical requirements, including mobility applications, wireless devices, and lifecycle management services to help your business maximize its ROI on services and equipment. Our experienced team of mobility professionals employs their extensive industry know-how to improve the lifecycle of your wireless environment and provide you with the products and services to operate at maximum efficiency. We offer the following technical solutions to suit your organizational needs:

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Areas We Serve

Headquartered in Rockville, MD, ATG provides cutting-edge technology solutions to businesses and organizations throughout the Mid-Atlantic area. Our service area includes:

  • District of Columbia
  • Maryland
  • Delaware
  • Virginia
  • Pennsylvania
  • New Jersey
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Florida
  • New York
  • Georgia

Why Choose Atlantic Technology Group?

ATG has been committed to generating ROI for our clients through efficient mobility applications, devices, and lifecycle management services since 2002. We are a Total Solutions Provider with over 15 years of service in the industry, and our goal is to enrich our customers’ mobility experiences by filling the space between mobile carriers’ offerings and our customers’ true business technology needs. Through years of experience, we have learned that the majority of those coverage gaps exist in mobility applications, wireless devices, and lifecycle management services, which is why those areas are our primary focus. Ours is a customer-centric approach, and we understand that the needs of clients change quickly, so we are always flexible and ready for rapid execution of solutions for client needs. Our company is founded around one central tenet ― do unto others as you would have them do unto you ― so we strive to cultivate business relationships that are beneficial to all involved parties. With this overarching goal in mind, our respectful, knowledgeable team operates alongside each of our clients to ensure that we are always recommending cellular solutions that increase efficiency and operational effectiveness. Your success is our success.


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