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When you are talking to a friend and a phone call gets disconnected, its very frustrating. When it happens on a business call it means money and opportunity lost. Your customers want to hear from you and don’t want to hear excuses. So why should you settle for a bad cellular signal inside your metal building? With ATG, lost cell connection at your office building can be a thing of the past.
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How Cell Boosters work for Large Buildings

Outside of your building you get full bars for signal strength, but when you step further inside your building it quickly fades. You’re not alone and it’s not going to fix itself. The RF signals that your cell phone communicates through cannot penetrate all the way inside your large building. Don’t worry, we understand your frustration and we can get you connected with your customers right away. A wireless amplifier will boost cell phone signals inside of buildings. When installed correctly, it can take the signal strength from zero or one bar to four or five.

Whether your employees have an Android or iOS device, whether they have service through AT&T or Verizon, they will still benefit from:

Fewer dropped calls within your building

Strong reception during calls

Faster data download speeds

Slower battery drainage

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Why consider ATG the best option for your booster installation?

Certified Installation of Cellular Amplifiers

Competitive Prices

Fast Installation

1-year Warranty

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Design Support

Remote Installation & Post Installation Support

Optional On-Site Turn Key Installation

ATG engineers are fully insured factory certified installers for the following manufacturers:

Nextivity Cel-Fi

Cellular Specialties

Corning Mobile Access

Wilson Electronics


Cellphone Mate

Wi-Ex Ziboost


Recent Success Stories

Popular International Newspaper

“350,000 sq. ft., eight-story office building with no AT&T cellular coverage. Reporters were taking calls outside of the building before ATG stepped in. ATG found the right solution for them and as a testament to quality of the work, in one year there was not a single call about a problem.”

Law Enforcement

“A large law enforcement agency had multiple conflicts with its cellular signal for its 10 sites (ranging in size from 30,000 to 240,000 square feet) from Seattle to Maryland. By leveraging the diversity of its product line, ATG was able to get all 10 locations, up and running with their personalized solution in just a few short months.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Do I need the building owners permission to install the booster?

Yes – typically you will need their approval to install the antenna on the roof of the building. Or team will provide your building owner with the necessary information.

Q) If I only need to improve the RF signal for one cellular carrier – is that different than the needing improved RF signal from all the cellular carriers ?

Yes – the equipment that we utilize is typically different depending on what carriers you need coverage.

Q) If I have no signal outside of my building what are the implications?

If no RF signal exists outside of your building there is no signal to amplify. It is similar to multiplying 10 x 0. The end result is still zero. In this case we would need to utilize a small cell from your carrier to provide a donor signal.

Q) What size buildings does ATG have experience solving RF coverage problems?

ATG has solved coverage problems over the past 15 years for clients that range from several hundred square feet to 500,000 square feet. These buildings vary from single level buildings to multi-floor office buildings.

Q) What are the variables of a successful installation?

Cellular Signal Boosters will do an excellent job of enhancing the cell signal in your facility when the following three conditions are applicable;

RF Signal – Adequate external RF signal exists on the exterior of the building.
Design – Appropriate equipment is being used and is designed for the amount of space that needs coverage.
Cable – Specialty designed RF cable needs to be utilized and installed properly.

Q) What happens during the Site Visit?

Our team will insure that a booster installation will solve your problem. We will take RF measurements, review the placement of a donor antenna, insure adequate cable paths and review your site layout and proposed placement of interior antennas and boosters.

Q) Will ATG install the equipment if we have already purchased the equipment elsewhere?


Q) What Booster Manufacturers have certified ATG?

  • Wilson Pro
  • Surecall
  • HiBoost
  • Nextivity
  • Cel-Fi
  • Andrews
  • Cellular Specialties

Q) What is ATG’s Value Add?

  • ATG insures that you have selected the right solution and provides guidance that this will be designed and implemented correctly.
  • Design Support – Our team will assist in designing your solution
  • Remote Installation Support
  • Remote Post Installation Support
  • Optional On-Site Turn Key Installation (additional cost required)
  • Custom Cable Lengths available (additional cost required)
  • Optional Components that may be required ( e.g. signal attenuators)
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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