iPad Rentals for Conferences

Show up to your next conference with the mobile technology you need with iPad rentals from Atlantic Technology Group. From recording notes during panel discussions to capturing leads at the company booth, we give your team iPads and a complete mobility solution to get more done.

Conference attendees can stay organized, productive, and generating more sales opportunities when arriving with iPads. Everything you would otherwise carry around in a briefcase or messenger bag can go right on an iPad — and you can also use them for interactive displays, customer sign-ups, and demonstrations.

Avoid the expense and commitment of purchasing iPads and get the mobility you need for conferences and trade shows. ATG will supply a custom package for any length of time you need. Use our contact form to tell us you conference dates and the devices you need, and our mobility specialists will help you get started.

Benefits of iPad Rentals for Conferences

Why purchase an iPad when you can rent the style and quantity of tablets you need without any commitment? ATG takes care of the service contracts and technical support, so your rented iPads arrive ready to use and internet-ready.

Your team can learn, interact, and engage customers better with mobile technology, and nothing puts your best foot forward like iPads. Consider why every member of your team should use an iPad at conferences:

  • Network easily and collect contact info seamlessly
  • Larger screen, easier to use than your smartphone
  • Project a professional appearance with the latest iPad technology
  • Multi-task your iPad as a booth display, notepad, and lightweight laptop alternative
  • Connected by ATG with AT&T air cards, Mifi hotpots, and signal boosters

Rent iPads from ATG for Your Next Conference

ATG creates custom mobility solutions to deliver the iPads and accessories you need to be more productive at your next conference. We will ship them in advance of your conference dates and you can simply mail them back to us when you no longer need them.

Because we take care of the setup and service, your team can simply turn on the iPads and immediately use them as displays and tablets. You can capture more leads and make a bigger impact at the conference without having to commit to a major investment in purchasing. You only need to attend so many conferences — so rent iPads from ATG as your easiest, most cost-effective solution.

Get prepared for your conference today. Fill out our simple iPad rental request form and our specialists will arrange a perfect mobility solution for your needs.