iPad Rentals for Events

Show up for events with the convenience and connectivity of iPad rentals and your team can accomplish more. ATG rents iPads for short- or long-term use with no commitments and a host of iPad models to suit your needs. We provide activated and WiFi-ready iPads that empower your team to do more, sell more, and engage more people at your next event. We carry iPad Air and iPad Mini in a variety of colors.

iPads for events can be used for a variety of purposes. From the vendor booth to the happy hour conversations, iPads are the tool you need to accomplish your event goals:

  • Check-in for guest registration
  • Capture lead contact info
  • Mobile point-of-sale systems
  • Video demonstrations
  • Note taking without extra paperwork after the event
  • Perfect for networking, sales, fundraising, market research and more

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Benefits of Renting iPads for Events

Your company probably does not need an iPad for every employee on a daily basis, but special events are when handheld tablets are absolutely necessary. Renting iPads for events is your affordable solution to access all the technology you need, on-demand.

After the event, you will love the convenience of having your notes, sales, and collected contact info already entered into your system.

ATG iPad rentals help your business succeed at events:

  • Limit capital expense for tech inventory you do not always need
  • Access the latest iPad models anytime
  • Wi-Fi and data ready — no need to worry about setting up connectivity
  • Empower your team with iPads so they can focus on customers and the event experience
  • Digital info — saves you the work of manually entering data after the event
  • Simple shipping and returns, on your schedule

Renting iPads from ATG

We make the iPad rental process seamless and easy. Tell us when you need your iPads and which models and features you prefer, and we will have them shipped to you ready to use. You and your team can immediately use the iPads to engage event attendees and capture sales and leads.

ATG supplies iPads equipped with AT&T air cards and other connectivity options so there is no setup hassle. Simply return the iPads when you are finished to complete the process. Whether you need iPads for a single day or a whole month of events, customized iPad rental packages from ATG give you whatever you need.

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