iPad Rentals for Meetings

Enjoy more productive and interactive meetings and events with mobile technology from Atlantic Technology Group. ATG offers iPad rentals for any quantity and length of time your business needs. Let us know your meeting goals and how many iPads you would need, and we will construct the perfect solution for you and your company.

iPads give meeting presenters and attendees a variety of advantages, from lightweight and convenient mobility to collaboration apps that let users share, connect, and record important information throughout the meeting. Rent iPads for everyone who needs one, and your next meeting will have everyone working together seamlessly.

Popular reasons to rent iPads from ATG include:

  • Collaborate with conferencing and screenshare apps
  • Take notes online
  • Pre-load apps and documents for participants
  • Reduce paper waste
  • Record meetings minutes and attendee info
  • Share multimedia content in real time

Use our simple contact form to describe your technology needs and ATG will get started tailoring an iPad rental package.

Improve Meetings with iPad Rentals

Presenters can use >iPads for a convenient, handheld solution with all the materials and content at their fingertips. You can also rent iPads for all attendees, putting everyone on the same page. Simply load up the apps and documents for the meeting and everyone can enjoy a seamless experience without the hassle of paper stacks or incompatible devices.

ATG helps businesses with occasional or frequent meetings to access current iPad technology with service and data connectivity taken care of by our team. No more time wasted getting people settled into the meeting or dealing with tech issues — we will work with you to deliver a custom package that will have your meetings running more efficiently and productively.

Benefits of Renting iPads from ATG

Select from our wide inventory of iPad Air and iPad Mini models, available with pre-activated carrier service. After we have developed your custom iPad package, we ship the devices to you ready to use. You can contact us for support along the way if necessary — otherwise, simply return the iPads when you are finished. It’s a simple, straightforward process that makes it easy to access the mobility solution you need.

ATG serves as your single point-of-contact. When your meeting plans call for iPads and other mobile technology, we can provide everything you need in one simple rental agreement.

Use our mobile technology rental form to tell us about the iPads you need and how we can deliver the perfect mobility solution for your meetings!