Building & Office Solutions for Poor Cell Reception

Poor cell phone reception can negatively impact a company’s workflow—dropped calls, slow data downloads, and poor signal strength can make a business look bad to customers and impact efficiency.

Oftentimes, switching carriers is not a feasible option or a viable solution. Many carriers—including Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T—require customers to sign two year contracts. In addition, switching carriers will often not solve the poor cell service issue at hand. Your building’s environment and structure can have a bigger impact on a weak signal than the nearest cell tower.

Materials that can interfere with a cell phone signal include:

  • Wire mesh
  • Electrical cabling
  • Sheet metal
  • Plumbing
  • And more

To solve this issue, there are multiple options for building managers. Keep reading below to see how ATG can help your business’s cellular reception problems!

Cellular Signal Boosting Solutions

Many carriers promote a product they carry called femtocell (or microcell) that acts like a miniature cell phone tower. These products are targeted toward apartments and homes and often don’t reach very far. Another limitation of this easier, yet less reliable option is that they only work for one carrier and require a strong wireless internet connection. For companies who utilize most of their internet bandwidth for work-related activities or have a large office space, this is not an ideal or permanent solution.

At ATG, we understand the need to reliably boost cellular reception within buildings and we install basic and advanced systems to meet those needs of Mid-Atlantic property managers.

Basic Cellular Signal Boosting Solutions

For a solution that is a step up from femtocell, we offer entry level amplification kits that are ideal for an office setting or small business. These kits include an exterior antenna, a cable that runs from the antenna to the amplifier, and an indoor antenna that amplifies the signal inside your building or office.

While this method usually amplifies multiple carriers’ signal strength, a smart repeater is an option when you are just trying to boost one specific carrier’s reception.  They currently work for AT&T and T-Mobile and can provide a signal gain of 1000x the original reception.

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Advanced Cellular Signal Boosting Solutions

With an office space that is far greater—e.g. with multiple levels or thousands of square footage—a more advanced solution is needed. In order to amplify the cellular signal throughout the entire property, multiple components are installed. At Atlantic Technology Group, our technicians are experts at designing a system that reliably and uniformly eliminates bad cell phone signal while also following building codes and safety measures.

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