Guardian Public Safety Signal Booster

Public Safety Booster

Initial response is crucial, both in-house and in the field. SureCall’s latest innovation, Guardian3, delivers supreme connectivity, accessibility and range to assist Public Safety 700MHz and 800MHz bands on a year-to-year basis. 900MVz SMR options, too, are supported, encompassing a multitude of First Responder communication technology capable of boosting weak signal strengths.

Enhancing the Home Front

Multi-story buildings frequently lessen output signals, resulting in overextended solutions. Guardian3 Public Safety Booster, highly affordable, remedies difficulties experienced with topography and building materials. Better in-building radio communications are a constant factor of fire departments, police headquarters, construction zones and underground facilities.

Safety, an ever-present end goal, is the SureCall priority. As a quality SMR signal booster, Guardian3 carries a slew of benefits heavily valued by emergency care providers.

Guardian3 is a bidirectional amplifier capable of strengthening signals across a specialized mobile radio service. Designed to intuitively complement public safety programs, Guardian3 PSB is a high-tech first response tool with a MSRP of $3,980. Two-way radio communication within buildings, often obstructed by building materials, deserves a tomography-centric solution. Similar to cellular signals, bidirectional amplification is always a factor.

Supreme Coverage, Every Time

Guardian3 has been outfitted with technology to fulfill system coverage requirements. Adhering to standards developed by the National Fire Protection Association and the International Fire Code, Guardian3 acknowledges dictations requiring 99 percent coverage in all areas. Similarly, Guardian3 maintains the NFPA’s 90-percent general area coverage requirement.

While restrictive signal areas aren’t necessarily used constantly, Guardian3 has been crafted specifically to operate in all conditions. Emergency personnel, warehouse operators and daily site workers aren’t always in an office, a conference room or a break room. Frequently, communications are needed in basements, equipment rooms, elevators and stairwells.

Minimum coverage standards, when followed closely, can be included into a DAS project to support a final design. Comprehensive initial radio frequency surveys, too, are common among Guardian3 purchasers. Each use must be outlined, considered and reported to ensure comprehensive coverage.

Immediate Crisis Response

A communication system requires accessible alarm management. A crisis won’t wait, and real-time monitoring, today, is a responsive, and responsible, answer to industries facing in-the-moment quick action requirements. Guardian3 users can expect full monitoring for potential battery failure, reduced battery capacity and antenna network malfunctions.

Real-time processes are monitored through an in-depth, intelligent centralized monitoring point. All alarming requires central panel communication, too, providing an enhanced network of updates, checks and balances. Local jurisdiction should, however, be noted. Premises requirements are maintained by several public safety sectors, and should be upheld constantly.

Convenient Updates for Long-Lasting Use

Guardian3 provides reliable, robust signal quality to assist public safety officials requiring constant two-way connectivity. Operating on both 800 MHz and 700MHz frequency bands, Guardian3 achieves up to 80 db of signal gain. The superior signal grain, able to reach up to 80,000 sq. ft. of improved coverage, can be connected with multiple boosters.

In such cases, Guardian3 provides enough power to cover large expanses. Guardian3’s compartmentalized design similarly boosts clarity while reducing noise. Its embedded CPU, present in each band, creates a safe environment conducive to spread management. Smarter technology, auto gain control and automatic frequency adjustments, paired together, let Guardian3 operate with the lowest out-of-band emissions available.

Guardian3’s upgradable software, too, promotes long-lasting use. Convenient updates are a Guardian3 staple in many facilities. When energy-saving technology and uplink circuitry are prioritized on a development level, frequent use is a guarantee.

New Features and Better Quality

Guardian3’s newest inclusions promote a new age of transmission promotion while safeguarding constant use. Guardian3’ built-in safeguards eliminate public safety network interference, ensuring sustainable communication. Guardian3’s three-year warranty further promotes long-time use alongside constantly upgradable software. Hosting stealth technology, Guardian 3’s uplink is dormant when not in use. The result is a power-saving operation conducive to establishments keen on “going green.”

The device’s self-protection and self-diagnostics surpass previous renditions. Because uplink and downlink oscillation detection, too, are a large Guardian3 feature, users are never left without support. Durable, resilient and expertly crafted, Guardian3 ensures clarity while reducing Tri-Band noise.

A reliable DAS system, when maintained, can make the difference during emergencies. Guardian3, used and loved by many local emergency providers, is well-respected across many institutions. When a life-saving communication is vital to emergency respondents, Guardian3 answers as the industry’s highest-quality public safety signal booster.

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