Turnkey In-Building Cellular Solution

Project Management

ATG will deliver a complete turnkey cellular solution that guarantees optimal cellular coverage throughout the desired areas of your building or facility. A qualified project manager will be assigned to your task keeping you informed throughout the entire process.

Preliminary Project Assessment / Site Evaluation

An in-building cellular system specialist will evaluate the wireless environment in which you work to determine the reason why you have a lack of cellular signal within your facility. We will provide you with a technical evaluation and recommendations before proceeding with your project design assuring you have a comprehensive understanding of the complete project and the approximate cost involved.

  • Perform cellular signal testing
  • Prioritize areas of concern
  • Evaluate propagation variables
  • Determine cable paths and cellular repeater placement locations

System Engineering & Design

Our professional engineering team will design an in-building wireless solution specific to your facility based on your long-term plans and objectives. A complete system schematic depicting cellular amplifier location, cable pathways, and antenna placement will be provided to accommodate the system installation process.

Project Proposal

A detailed proposal will be presented by your project manager for review and approval, and all questions or concerns will be answered offering a complete understanding of the scope of the project and assuring all expectations will be met.

Professional Installation

Our highly trained expert installation team or carefully selected regional certified independent installers will integrate your in-building cellular repeater system in a technical and professional manner. As a cost saver, we are also willing to work with your own installation team by providing them with detailed installation diagrams and instructions in the event a self-install is preferred.

Post Install Analysis

A cellular signal strength evaluation will be conducted and a propagation report provided following system configuration and start-up, and a final walk thru will be provided assuring complete customer satisfaction prior to sign off of the project.

Carrier Relations

ATG works closely with the cellular carriers to assure your in-building cellular solution leaves you with the highest level of customer satisfaction while maintaining the integrity of the carrier’s macro network. All components including cell phone repeaters and cellular amplifiers utilized are FCC approved.

On-going Maintenance Program

ATG offers a system maintenance option to assure your system continues to perform at its maximum potential in an ever changing wireless environment

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