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7 Benefits of In-Building Cellular Solutions


Many property and business owners struggle with maintaining reliable cell service inside their buildings. While macro cellular networks can provide great coverage, many times complex building structures can interfere with service reliability. Luckily, property managers and business owners don’t have to settle for sub-par cell service: In-building wireless solutions act as a cellular amplifier to effectively remove bad cell phone signals from the equation and keep tenants, guests, and workers connected.

Atlantic Technology Group provides in-building cellular solutions to help property managers and business owners take back control of their cell service reliability. There are many benefits to adding in-building solutions to your property or business: Read on to find out why in-building solutions belong in your building!

Say Goodbye to Bad Cell Phone Signals

Dropped calls aren’t just a nuisance; they can seriously impact consumer relationships, tenant safety, and productivity. Below are just some of the benefits building managers can reap when choosing to install in-building cellular solutions:

  • Customer Satisfaction: These days, customers and tenants expect to have full cell service wherever they go. By adding in-building solutions, property managers can satisfy their tenants’ and consumers’ expectations by ensuring they have continued access to cell service.
  • Faster Speeds: Great strides have been made in in-building wireless solutions, enabling faster speeds and improved reliability no matter how many people are using their devices at the same time. Atlantic Technology Group can even run multiple applications across a single layer of infrastructure to increase capacity and speeds for high-volume use cases.
  • Smarter Solutions: Installing in-building solutions requires a provider to examine the network’s architecture and overall design to help building managers get the most out of their resources in the most cost-effective manner. With today’s advanced solutions, even the most complex properties can be strategically enhanced to support connectivity needs for tenants, customers, and employees.
  • Increased Value: Those seeking out new properties often look for those which feature advancements like in-building solutions. By investing in an in-building cellular solution for your building, you’ll increase its value in the marketplace.
  • Future Preparation: Not only are in-building solutions great for the here and now, but they offer a scalable solution to help people stay connected as more advanced networks emerge. Even as 5G wireless networks become the new norm, installing in-building solutions today will ensure your building is capable of supporting the technology of tomorrow.
  • Affordable Solutions: Today’s in-building solutions aren’t like those offered in the past. They are more efficient and cost-effective, requiring little maintenance and quick setup to help building managers save on upkeep. Not only that, but they experience far fewer outages so building occupants can remain connected and avoid unnecessary downtime.
  • Varied Solutions: “In-building solutions” is a general term that applies to a wide variety of connectivity solutions, including distributed antenna systems (DAS) for large complexes and private LTE/CBRS networks for smaller properties. No matter what your connectivity needs may be, there’s an in-building solution available to make your life easier!

Atlantic Technology Group’s In-Building Solutions

Ready to reap the many benefits that in-building solutions can provide? Atlantic Technology Group has the expert installation crew to outfit your building with what it needs to keep occupants connected. Contact our team to set up your installation appointment and start enhancing the cell service at your property today!