Cel-Fi Quatra Review


Nextivity unveiled a new enterprise-level signal booster recently, and it’s a potential game-changer for large businesses and even some medium businesses in buildings with cell phone coverage issues. The Cel-Fi Quatra is a modular, dynamic system that supplies coverage throughout a building or campus via standard coax cable.

There’s a lot more to Cel-Fi Quatra that enterprise and IT can be happy to hear about, so let’s take a closer look.

Stand-Out Features of the Cel-Fi Quatra

Among the notable specs of the Cel-Fi Quatra:

  • Covers 50,000 square feet and scales up to 200,00 square feet
  • 100 dB of signal gain
  • Up to 75 MHz of channel bandwidth
  • Off-air or Boosted Supercell functionality
  • Network-safe design with echo cancellation and interference control
  • Power-over-Ethernet coverage units (not tethered to wall outlets)
  • MIMO support
  • FCC certified

The Technology Behind Cel-Fi Quatra

As a distributed antenna system (DAS), the Cel-Fi Quatra creates a network of cellular coverage throughout large buildings including tucked away inner rooms, underground areas, and anywhere else the users need a signal boost.

A Network Unit installed on the roof transmits the carrier signal by Cat 5e cable to the network of Coverage Units. The system dynamically tunes itself and is also highly programmable and controllable for your IT team.

Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) lets you place the Coverage Units wherever you need them throughout the building. No need to add outlets or locate them near outlets, so the coverage can be optimized to the surroundings.

The off-air and Boosted Supercell options mean that Cel-Fi Quatra can transmit the carrier signal or it can tether to an enterprise’s small cell. When boosting a small cell, Quatraproduces a dominant, dynamic, HetNet solution.

About the Fast Installation Process

Nextivity says that Cel-FiQuatra can be installed in just weeks from order placement to completion, as opposed to alternatives that take months or longer. Any enterprise IT team has more than enough existing knowledge and resources to install the system quickly. No outside engineers or electricians are necessary.

The basics include securing and plugging in the Network Unit on a roof or outdoors, then running the standard coax cable to the desired locations of the Coverage Units indoors.

The Sweet Spot for Mid-Market Enterprise

What really makes the Cel-Fi Quatranotable to us is the way it fills a bit of a void in the marketplace. Many businesses have been choosing between stitching together a network of signal boosters intended for smaller spaces or overreaching and deploying the largest enterprise equipment. Cel-Fi Quatra puts enterprise-class signal boosting within reach for more businesses, both in terms of its price point and installation requirements as well as its simplicity for IT maintenance.

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