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Are Cell Boosters Dangerous?


This is a question that we are asked commonly due to questionable studies that have linked cell phone radiation to cancer and other health maladies in recent years. The name cell booster alone leads people to believe they are more powerful than a traditional cell phone and thus must emit greater levels are radiation. This, however, is not true. Cell signal boosters and amplifiers typically emit considerably less radiation than a cell phone. In fact, the energy from a cell phone booster is many thousands time less than the limits for safe exposure set by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and other regulatory agencies.

To further emphasize how little radiation cell boosters emit, a typical mobile phone uses 500mW – 1000mW of power  and many repeaters use as little as 10mW of power. Even more, radiation emissions from cell boosters diminishes significantly as you move away from it. Even at as little as a one meter distance from the booster, radiation readings can be up to 30% lower than they are on the booster itself.

All of this adds up to a safe option to improve cell signal in your home or business.

How Much Radiation Do Cell Boosters Emit?

Emissive power of a mobile repeater is typically less than 1 watt. Cell phone boosters can actually reduce the amount of radiation emitted by your cell phone. When a cell phone has weak signal, your cell phone will use more energy seeking a strong signal, causing it to output more radiation than it does with good signal strength.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified RF radiation from things like cell phones, cell boosters, and Wi-Fi as class 2B possible carcinogens. While this may sound serious, and potentially unsafe, other items that fall into that category include coffee, pickled vegetables, and styrofoam cups.

Cell Boosters & Amplifiers from Atlantic Technology Group

At Atlantic Technology Group, we are very conscious of the products we sell–only offering industry leading products and equipment. With high-quality brands such a Sure Call, Wilson Electronics, Corning Mobile Access, and more.

Our entire selection of cell boosters, amplifiers, and repeaters more than meet the minimum requirements set forth by the FCC for safe operation around humans and animals.

Many of our models also offer standby mode, allowing the products to emit virtually no energy except when they are in use–further reducing radiation emission.

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