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The new SureCall Flare cell phone signal booster can be called an elegant solution for several reasons. The striking silver tower design is not just for modern style, but also speaks to its function. Flare is actually the first cell repeater with the indoor antenna and amplifier combined into one unit instead of two.

SureCall unveiled the Flare at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show as an innovative device that should appeal to both small businesses and home users. In fact, CES awarded the Flare as a CES Innovation Award Honoree for the wireless accessories category.

With the product ready to ship shortly after press time, feel free to speak with the signal booster experts at Atlantic Technology Group if you have any questions about the SureCall Flare.

SureCall Flare, a New Leader for Small Business Cell Signal Boosters

The Flare hits all the specs that small offices want for improving voice quality, boosting data speed, and reducing dropped calls and dead zones. It supports up to 8 users simultaneously, whether they use AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, or another North American carrier.

  • Up to 2,500 square feet of coverage (best quality for 1-2 rooms or areas)
  • Maximum gain of 72 dB, enough to go from no reception to full bars
  • Improves voice, data, and text
  • 4G LTE coverage for all major carriers
  • Small size, single indoor unit

An Easier to Install Cell Phone Signal Booster

SureCall’s Flare has attracted industry attention because it’s the very first signal booster to combine the indoor antenna and amplifier. It’s a cleaner design that also makes installation easier. But the Flare is simple to install for multiple reasons.

Flare uses an omnidirectional antenna on the exterior of your building, so it’s easy to choose a location for installation. This also allows it to pick up the 4G LTE signal from the local towers of all carriers.

The product comes with a 50-foot RG-6 coaxial cable to connect the antennae. RG-6 is the durable, low-loss coax used by cable companies to deliver data to your building, so the tower’s signal can get inside with high speed and low interference.

Inside the office, you only need to plug the Flare into a regular wall outlet and set it on a convenient location. Place it on a shelf or tabletop somewhat near your worst wireless dead zones, and you are ready to enjoy the best possible coverage even in those dark corners.

Is SureCall Flare the Right Signal Booster for Your Office?

Just like everyone at CES 2017, we’re excited about the new SureCall Flare signal booster. It can completely solve dropped call and slow download problems for virtually any smaller office space, but it’s worth investigating other options if your square footage is close to 2,500 or larger.

For help choosing and installing the right signal booster for your business, contact us at ATG for a consultation.

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