How to Eliminate Dead Spots


Let’s assume you do not wish to tear down a wall move your office simply to improve cell reception. Eliminating dead spots, then, is a matter of moving closer to the signal, removing obstructions, or boosting the signal with an in-building antenna.

Atlantic Technology Group has helped countless businesses solve the riddle of wireless dead zones with signal booster solutions — let us know if you have questions about improving your cell phone signal.

What Causes Dead Spots?

Dead spots occur whenever there’s distance or obstructions between you and the cell tower. Cell phone signal boosters can help solve any of these problems, but it helps to know why you have a weak signal in order to choose the right solution.

  • Cell tower distance. If your location is one big dead spot, indoors and out, you may simply be far from your carrier’s nearest tower. Look up cell tower maps to confirm.
  • Building materials. Walls that are thick or made from certain materials prevent cellular radio waves from entering the building. Strong signals outside and dead spots inside point to building materials being the culprit.
  • Physical obstructions. Mountains, forests, or even a single large building between you and the cell tower can also create dead zones.

Finding Better Reception in Cellular Dead Spots

Other than stepping outside, holding your phone up in the air, or standing by a window, there’s not much you can do to improve reception without taking real action. That means changing carriers or adding a cell phone signal booster (or both).

If your carrier does not have a nearby tower but other carriers do, you might consider switching carriers. That won’t help if your dead spots are caused by metal or cinder block in your building, however.

Eliminating Dead Spots with a Wireless Signal Booster

Signal boosters can potentially fix dead zones caused by either tower distance or obstructions, even in cases where you have an interior room with no bars currently.

Just like the actual cell tower, a signal booster sends out radio waves to a local area. The difference is simply that signal boosters need at least some connectivity with the cell tower in order to work. If you can get one bar of reception outside, a signal booster can fix dead zones in your home or office.

The signal booster consists of an outdoor antenna that picks up the tower signal and sends it indoors, where it’s re-broadcast and boosted at or near full strength just like you were outdoors near the tower.

Need Help with Wireless Dead Spots?

Adding a signal booster involves selecting the right equipment and getting it installed properly. Atlantic Technology Group has your wireless coverage problems solved throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, from exploring the options for cell signal boosters that are best suited to your location, to getting it installed by expert technicians.

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