FCC Approved Cell Repeaters


About FCC Regulations for Cell Repeaters

In 2014, the FCC issued the Signal Booster Ruling to ensure that products like cell repeaters do not interfere with wireless networks. There had been some fear among carriers that poorly manufactured repeaters would cause interference and disrupt carrier networks. The worst case scenario would be an unlicensed cell repeater interfering with the local network to a point that someone in an emergency was unable to place a 911 call.

The FCC ruling essentially says that you need to use an approved cell repeater and that the device should be registered with the carriers.

The approved cell repeaters that ATG sells have no negative impact on networks or other wireless customers around you. With professional installation, these signal boosters simply amplify and rebroadcast the carrier’s signal inside your building, with no interference or disruption to the carriers.

FCC-Approved Signal Boosters from Top Brands

Cell repeaters from the leading manufacturers — Wilson Electronics (weBoost), Cel-Fi by Nextivity, and zBoost, among a few others — are all approved by the FCC. They are also accepted by AT& T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile, and various small carriers. Popular models of cell repeaters that are FCC-approved include:

  • weBoostConnect 4G
  • weBoost Connect 3G
  • WilsonPro 70
  • WilsonPro 4000 & 4000R
  • Cel-Fi PRO
  • Cel-Fi QUATRA
  • zBoost TRIO Xtreme

The list frequently updates as new, approved devices come to market. The heavy hitters like Wilson and Nextivity are only ever going to produce products that are FCC-approved, so you can be sure to follow the rules with these brands. For obvious reasons, we simply wouldn’t recommend buying a cell repeater from a foreign website or any source that seems questionable.

Installing and Registering an Approved Cell Repeater

Signal boosting devices intended for commercial use must be installed by a qualified professional. Homeowners can install simpler devices on their own. The more powerful devices intended for office buildings, campuses, sports arenas, and other large locations require licensed installation as a matter of compliance, but also to truly ensure that your network does not suffer from interference due to poor installation.

Atlantic Technology Group helps businesses of all sizes select cell repeaters that are both FCC-approved and have signal boosting capabilities that will suit your building and improve weak signal spots. We offer cell repeaters that serve a few thousand to more than 100,000 square feet of coverage with options for multi-carrier needs and building types of all kinds.

FCC-Approved, Professionally Installed Cell Repeaters

Atlantic Technology Group is based in Maryland serves the Mid-Atlantic, including Washington, DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. We can help you navigate the market to choose the best commercial cell repeater for your business, and our technicians can provide qualified installation. Request a quote to get started eliminating those no signal zones today.

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