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If you’re a business traveler that wants to have cellular access anywhere you go, the Globalstar network has you covered. The Globalstar network was designed with the business traveler in mind–creating a network comprised of 48 low Earth orbiting satellites.

Globalstar’s line of satellite phones are designed to seamlessly switch between cellular networks and the satellite network–providing the user with high-quality, reliable service in more than 100 countries and even on the open sea.

Benefits of Globalstar Satellite Phones

Globalstar phones and telecommunications devices can help you stay productive from virtually anywhere in the world. From remote regions, to the open sea, Globalstar’s network can help keep you connected when you need it most.

Globalstar’s unique approach to mobile communications allows you to connect to both local cellular networks around the world when available or orbiting satellites when they’re not. This helps provide you with a strong, reliable connection while also helping you minimize costs.

Is a Globalstar Phone Right for Me?

Globalstar’s phones can be used by anyone, but some of their most popular users are outdoor adventurers, government organizations and emergency responders, and international businesses.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Globalstar phones provide a reliable link to the rest of the world in case of an emergency. In remote hunting, fishing, or boating areas, adventure seekers can often find themselves without a link to the rest of the world, which in an emergency situation could prove deadly.

Government organizations and emergency responders rely on Globalstar satellite phones to provide mission critical communications both in remote areas where traditional cellular networks are not available, as well as in emergency situations when local networks become overwhelmed or unavailable.

Businesses, particularly those that operation internationally and in remote locations are the most common users of Globalstar phones. Oil and gas rigs, off-shore fishing, mining operations, logging companies, and more often operate in locations far removed from cellular networks. Globalstar satellite phones can make employees in these areas more efficient, but more importantly–safer.

ATG Featured Products from Globalstar


A light and feature-rich mobile satellite phone, the GSP-1700 helps you stay connected virtually anywhere. Imagine being able to connect to the people and data that matter most—in the places and times that traditional communications don’t always work. The GSP-1700 is the ultimate handheld portable satellite phone.

Using the optional GIK-1700 installation kit, you can easily create a complete satellite phone system in your vehicle or vessel from the smallest car to the largest aircraft carrier. Antenna and cable length options were designed for ease of installation on land or sea—or simply use the phone hands-free with the optional industrial noise-canceling headset.

MSRP: $499


The GSP-2900 provides convenient fixed access to satellite voice and data services, including Internet, e-mail, and voicemail. As many as five RJ-11 jacks can be connected to the GSP-2900 to provide dial-tone to any standard or cordless phone. Installation options are virtually endless—GSP-2900 phones have been installed in boats, ships, cottages, skyscrapers, oil rigs, and service vans. You can also access remote terminated data—an easy way to communicate with monitoring devices to track equipment in remote locations.

MSRP: $1499

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