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Guide to Cell Phone Signal Boosters


No matter how much cell phone technology improves, dropped calls and poor connections continue to be a part of life. The radio waves that transmit calls and downloads are limited by distance and obstructions, making vehicles and buildings likely to experience weak spots.

A cell phone signal booster can help your business avoid slow connections and needing to frequently apologize for dropped calls. The booster takes existing cell coverage and spreads it out with a stronger, wider reach. The device can pick up a much weaker signal than your phone is capable of using. It can also direct the coverage to an area obscured from the cell tower’s reach.

How Do Signal Boosters Work?

Mobile devices connect to cell towers using radio frequency waves. Every phone has an antenna inside. Call quality and connectivity get reduced by several factors:

  • Distance from cell tower
  • Buildings and walls (especially metal and concrete)
  • Trees, mountains, and other geographical features

Cell phone signal boosters help overcome all of these issues, as long as there is some amount of cell coverage available in the area.

The booster consists of a tower antenna placed outside the building or vehicle, and a device antenna inside that boosts the signal to your phone.

The radio waves that transmit cell coverage can be measured in decibels. A signal booster increases the signal strength by a certain number of decibels, making it as strong as if the cell tower was nearby without obstructions.

Indoor Cell Phone Signal Boosters

There is a wide range of cell phone signal boosters for offices, warehouses, and other types of buildings. The tower antenna gets installed on the roof or facade, with a device antenna strategically located indoors to boost the signal to trouble spots — basements, specific floors, areas behind metal or concrete walls, or the entire building.

Coverage Area and Installation Location

ATG can help you determine what you need. First we’ll figure out the square footage that needs boosted coverage. Then we’ll look at the direction of the cell phone tower and where to install the device antenna so that it points toward the weak spots.

The best signal booster for your business will also address carrier needs:

  • 4G for all providers
  • 4G for one provider and 3G for the rest
  • 3G for all providers

Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Vehicles

Just like your car needs an outside antenna to pick up radio stations, your cell phone needs an antenna to send strong radio frequencies inside the vehicle.

Cell phone signal boosters for vehicles include “cradle boosters” that serve just one phone, as well as models that boost to any phones inside the vehicle.

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