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How Long Does an In-Building Cellular Installation Take?


Do you want to improve the cellular signal strength inside your building? In-building cellular solutions will ensure your employees and clients have stable cellular connectivity, and they can be installed in no time. So, how long does an in-building cellular installation take?

On average, the typical cell phone booster installation can take 4 to 5 hours, depending on the specific solution. Each booster installation has its own exclusive set of circumstances and could take longer or shorter depending on the scope of the project as well as the solution being used.

Let’s take a closer look at how in-building cellular solutions can help your business, how these systems work, and how long it takes to have them installed.

How Can In-Building Cellular Solutions Help You?

Cellular coverage often degrades inside buildings because cellular signals weren’t designed to penetrate walls. Some materials, such as concrete and metal, block signal, and as a result, buildings can be affected, especially large ones with multiple rooms.

Interrupted data connections and dropped calls are some of the most common consequences you may experience, no matter if you have a home office or a large building with several floors. The only solution for this problem is amplifying cellular signal.

In-building cellular solutions can help businesses of all sizes improve their signal strength and enhance connectivity. In the business field, having stable cellular connectivity is essential for everything to run smoothly and efficiently, and it is also one of the key factors that affect client as well as employee satisfaction. Interruptions in communication can have various negative consequences on a business’s success.

No matter if your facility has a few hundred, or hundred thousand square feet, in-building cellular solutions can help improve the signal strength for mobile devices within your building or property.

These solutions will improve your communications, enhance the mobility experience, and keep your facility productive. Say goodbye to poor signal strength and poor data speed and enjoy improved voice performance and better data coverage.

ATG’s in-building cellular solutions offer reliable and cost-effective connectivity improvements, and they were designed to cover the complete lifecycle of your cellular environment. If the cellular signal outside of your building is strong, but the reception inside is poor, we offer in-building signal amplification for all 3G, 4G, and 5G LTE devices.

How Do In-Building Cellular Systems Work?

If your cellular signal strength is poor and you have connectivity issues, it is crucial to resolve this problem by improving the strength of the signal.

Signal improvement is done with the help of signal boosters. These boosters can improve the cellular data reception and call quality inside corporate offices, residential buildings, home offices, hotels, warehouses, and other buildings, no matter the size, and they have three main components – a donor antenna, an amplifier unit, and a broadcast antenna.

A donor antenna, or an exterior antenna, is mounted outside of a building, pointed at a specific cell tower in order to ensure optimal reception, and its purpose is to catch the signal coming from that tower. Typically, exterior antennas are placed on the roof or the side of the building.

An amplifier unit is configured to boost the signal from a designated carrier’s spectrum, or, simply put, it amplifies the signal from the cell tower captured by an exterior antenna.

A broadcast antenna or coverage unit is installed indoors, and its purpose is to distribute the amplified cell signal through the entire building to phones and other mobile devices. These antennas can be varied depending on the layout of the facility and coverage requirements, as not all antennas provide the same coverage pattern.

Also, let’s not forget about the cabling that connects the three components of the signal boosters. It must be optimal for each customer’s office, length of the cable run, and building codes.

A few variations of in-building cellular systems exist, and they mainly depend on the size of the facility and the coverage needs. Smaller businesses need basic cellular solutions that typically include an exterior antenna that catches the signal, a cable that connects an antenna and the amplifier, a wideband amplifier that increases signal strength, and an indoor antenna that directs and sends out the amplified cellular signal, and these systems provide coverage over a smaller area.

Larger businesses require advanced in-building cellular solutions customized to the facility’s specific environment, and all the components need to be tailored to the client’s unique circumstances.

How Long Will an Installation Take?

How long the installation of a cell phone signal booster takes depends on various factors, such as coverage requirements, building size, facility accessibility, and more. On average, the typical installation of a cellular signal amplifier takes between 4 and 5 hours, depending on the specific solution being used.

However, since each situation is different and comes with a unique set of circumstances, the installation can take shorter or longer, and it is not possible to be completely precise in advance.

Once the cell phone booster installation is complete, we will conduct a walkthrough with you, measure the signal strength, and determine how much the signal has improved.

Is an In-Building Cellular Installation Worth It?

Yes. Installing an in-building cellular system will benefit your business with reliable in-building cell phone coverage, improved voice call quality, and better data speeds. Costs from one carrier to another will also be minimized.

Investing in an in-building cellular installation is definitely worth it, and it will help you gain a competitive advantage.

How Can ATG Help You?

Atlantic Technology Group offers advanced in-building cellular solutions that will improve your business’ operations and solve your connectivity problems.

With our in-building solutions, you will enjoy improved signal strength and increased competitive advantage. Contact us today to discuss the services we offer or receive a customized service proposal whether you are in Atlanta or Pittsburg.