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How Do I Increase Cell Phone Signal in My Office Building?


This is a question many business owners and building managers ask themselves after a dropped call interfered with a call with a potential customer or after slow data download speeds delayed a deal from closing. Cell phone reception is often taken for granted…until you have zero bars when you need it most. Weak cellular signal within your office building can cause many problems when you spend a minimum of 40 hours in that space.

At Atlantic Technology Group, we have years of experience increasing indoor cell phone signal strength. We understand that each building requires a unique solution and our wireless technician will conduct a site survey to assess your property’s needs. We will then design the best system for improving and strengthening your cellular signal—to begin that process, we’ve outlined the different solutions below.

Basic Solutions for Increasing Cell Phone Signal

For smaller office spaces, increasing cell phone signal is easier and more affordable. Whether your building is too far from a wireless tower to get strong reception or if you have dead zones throughout your office space, smart repeaters and wireless amplifiers can help maintain consistently strong cell phone reception from one office to the next.

Smart Repeater

A smart repeater (also referred to as a smart signal booster) is designed to eliminate dead zones and improve indoor mobile phone reception for 3G and 4G voice and data. We recommend Cel-Fi’s smart repeater, which extends wireless signal coverage for AT&T or T-Mobile phones:

  • Up to 13,000 square feet (the largest coverage of any similar product on the market)
  • For 60 simultaneous users, 21 data sessions, or a combination of both
  • Up to 42Mb per second of data (rivaling LTE data speed)

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Wireless Amplifier

Entry-level solutions are ideal for small offices or building environments with weak signal across multiple carriers. A wireless amplifier comes as a kit and increases cell phone signal in the workplace with an exterior antenna, a cable from the antenna to the amplifier device, and an indoor antenna to boost the signal indoors.

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Advanced Solutions for Increasing Cell Phone Signal

If your office space is larger with multiple levels or extensive square footage, you will need a more customized and advanced solution to increase the cell signal throughout the entire property. Multiple components and amplifiers may be necessary to ensure signal strength is strong and consistent throughout your entire facility.

At Atlantic Technology Group, we can help design and install the best system for your situation and ensure that building codes, safety measures, and optimized signal strength are all priorities in our work. Our technicians will start with a site survey to design and install the optimal in-building solution personalized for your office’s floor plan and usage needs.

Increasing Workplace Cell Phone Reception

By increasing your office place’s cell phone signal strength, you will:

  • Increase the voice quality on calls
  • Decrease the number of dropped calls
  • Speed up data uploads and downloads
  • Make cell phone batteries last longer

All of these improvements can increase work productivity and efficiency and ensure that weak cell phone signal does not interrupt or halt your company’s processes. Request a proposal today to improve your building’s cellular reception with Atlantic Technology Group. We have helped businesses across the Mid-Atlantic, including Virginia, Washington, DC, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

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