Frequently Asked Questions About In-Building Wireless

Reliable, consistent wireless communications are a necessity in the modern business environment, especially as business applications migrate from the desktop to mobile devices. At Atlantic Technology Group, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the wireless voice and data solutions they need to keep their businesses productive and their customers satisfied. From simple wireless amplifiers that can improve a bad cell phone signal to comprehensive in-building solutions for rock-solid voice, data, and emergency communications, we have the experience and equipment necessary to maximize wireless performance at your facility.

As a leading provider of in-building wireless solutions in the Mid-Atlantic region, our team at ATG is here to help with all your wireless voice, data, and equipment concerns. Below are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about in-building wireless, cellular repeaters, and more.

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What Causes a Poor Cellular Signal?

A bad cell phone signal can be caused by excessive distances from the cell phone tower, poor weather conditions, interference from nearby buildings, or, more commonly, signal attenuation due to materials like metal, dense concrete, or low-E glass. Commercial buildings are especially vulnerable to signal degradation due to the construction techniques and materials used.

Can a Cellular Amplifier Help?

For smaller businesses, a basic cellular amplifier or even a carrier-provided microcell may be able to meet your wireless communications needs. For medium or large businesses, these may serve as the basis for a more comprehensive in-building wireless solution or a distributed antenna system.

What is a Cellular Amplifier?

A cellular amplifier or repeater has three basic components—an outdoor antenna, an indoor antenna, and an amplifier. The outdoor antenna connects directly with the cell phone tower, relaying communications to and from the amplifier inside your building, which boosts both the incoming and outgoing signals from cell phones, tablets, IOT devices, and other equipment. The indoor antenna distributes the amplified voice and data signals inside your building.

What In-Building Wireless Solutions Do You Offer?

At ATG, we offer everything from simple cell phone amplifiers to complex distributed antenna systems or software-defined WANs with complete failover protection. We can create rock-solid, reliable communication systems that keep your critical operations running smoothly, even if a tower fails or your internet connection goes down.

Can Your Wireless Solutions Cover My Entire Business?

Whether you have a small office, a multi-floor facility, or several buildings that need reliable voice and data coverage, our team at ATG can help. We can design and install an in-building wireless solution that is tailored to the communications needs of your business.

Which Carriers Do You Work With?

Our equipment can work with all popular carriers, such as AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, as well as regional or third-party carriers. We can also design a system that boosts performance for a single carrier, which is ideal for businesses that supply their own wireless devices. To make sure your employees always have the best equipment, ask about our device management services.

In-Building Wireless Solutions in Maryland, DC & the Mid-Atlantic Region

Make sure your business has clear voice communications and fast data access throughout your facility with an in-building wireless solution from Atlantic Technology Group. We offer quality equipment, superior performance, and excellent serve throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

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