Cell Phone Connectivity Issues, In Building Solutions

Why is my cell phone getting a poor connection inside the office building?


We know it can be frustrating if your cell phone looses signal or have a poor cell phone connection in certain parts of your office building.

We can only imagine that you have several questions when this happens, including:

  • Am I the only one that is experiencing a cell phone connectivity issue?
  • Is it my phone equipment that is causing this problem and do I need to buy a new phone?
  • Is my carrier network to blame and do I need to switch carriers?
  • How much will it cost to fix the connectivity problem?

Regardless of the reasoning, losing that signal can be frustrating. All of a sudden, you are now disconnected from the outside world and unable to communicate with family, friends, and colleagues and most importantly from a business perspective – your clients.

This blog is aimed at answering some of those questions listed above.

Is it my phone equipment that is causing this problem and do I need to buy a new phone?

At high level, it’s rare that a type of phone equipment causes a cell phone to lose connectivity inside a building. So for most instances, you should not have to go purchase a new phone!

Is my cell carrier network to blame and do I need to switch carriers?

In some cases, the issue can lie with the type of cell carrier and that’s primarily the case of proximity of cell towers to the building. We would recommend that you speak to other people in the building with the same cell carrier as you and see if the issue is limited to your provider.

In a large majority of cases, the problem you are likely facing is that your building is in the way. Your RF signal is being blocked either by the walls or the type of building mate-rial used to construct the building.

The good news is that there are solutions that your company and/or building management can employ to bring your cell phone back to life!

How much will it cost to fix the problem?

If the connectivity issue is being experienced by multiple people in your office or buil-ding then we recommend installation of cellular boosters within your office and/or buil-ding. Cellular boosters act like megaphones for cell towers. They pick up the signal with an antenna and then rebroadcast it within the building. It can work in smaller office spaces or even huge hospital or government buildings.

The cost to remedy the problem can range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. It really depends on the scope of the problem and the size of your office.

If the your office is less than one floor of your building, then the solution can simply be buying and installating a booster in your office. Given the smaller size of the space, any-one with minimal technical knowledge should be able to handle this project!

However, if your office is more than one floor (or the entire building), then the solution may be more complex and could require expertise of the ATG team. Click here to learn more about our booster installation services.

Whether your employer would want to undertake an effort to resolve cell phone issues for the office and/or building may come down to the size of the problem. We recommend that you read the blog below to assess the scope of this problem.

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