Public Safety DAS Radio Communication Solutions

Public Safety DAS Radio Communication Solutions Throughout the Mid-Atlantic

ATG has several specific public safety offerings for our clients, including:

  • Public Safety Radio Systems for Buildings
  • Band 14 Cellular Devices and Boosters for First Responders

Public Safety Radio Systems for Buildings

An emergency distributed antenna system (DAS) is imperative, and it’s now a requirement from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the International Fire Code (IFC). Let ATG access your public safety radio needs and develop solutions to improve systems today.

For public safety DAS radio communication solutions throughout the Mid-Atlantic areas, trust ATG – call our technology experts at 301-330-6260 or contact us online today.

The Importance of Public Safety DAS

Imagine you are a building owner and an emergency crisis situation breaks out, such as a devastating fire. You have to call 911 and rely on the brave emergency responders to hopefully save your tenants’ lives, as well as your building.

Once the firefighters are inside the building, they rely on their radio systems to communicate with one another in the building, as well as other first responders outside the building. In an emergency situation, clear and effective communication is key.

They are working against the clock and must work together to save both the potentially trapped victims along with the building by putting the fire out, and hopefully escaping unscathed themselves.

Public safety DAS radio communication systems are imperative to the safety of your building and first responders. For public safety DAS services you can rely on, look to ATG. Contact our technology team online today or call us at 301-330-6260.

When Do You Need A Public Safety DAS?

There are a variety of emergency situations that would need first responders with high-performing radio coverage in buildings. Crisis situations include but are not limited to:

  • Fires
  • Medical emergencies
  • Security threats
  • Natural disasters
  • And more

These are all crucial potential life-or-death situations where it’s imperative you supply first responders with as much help as you can provide for them to be able to succeed.

ATG is an industry leader in emergency communication systems and specializes in all the necessary steps for effective signal testing, followed by proper installation and maintenance of the public safety DAS.

When it comes to maintaining first responder radio communication systems, ATG is here to help. Call our technology experts at 301-330-6260 or contact us online to get started today!

Understanding Industry Compliance Standards

Our team has years of experience helping facility managers navigate the complexities of bringing distributed antenna systems up to industry regulation to ensure compliance.

There are many reasons why it is crucial to make sure that the DAS you deploy for your public safety bands is industry-compliant. For starters, you must regard the safety of inhabitants as a top priority. Secondly, a failure to comply with industry regulations may result in costly fines or exposure to litigation, and it could even shut down your operations.

However, compliance standards are set at a local jurisdictional level. As such, you will need to consult with your ATG representative to find out more about your specific requirements.

NFPA 72 vs. IFC

The most common standards adopted by local authorities today are NFPA 72 and IFC. While there are granular differences, both sets of guidelines follow a similar set of standards:

  • NFPA requires 99% coverage in areas listed as being of “vital importance”
  • Must be housed in NEMA-4 compliant enclosures
  • Minimum signal strength of -95 dB
  • 24 hours’ worth of battery backup for DAS equipment
  • Antenna isolation 15 dB higher than the gain of the amplifier
  • Two-hour fire rating for connecting cables

Choose ATG for Public Safety DAS Radio Communication Solutions in the Mid-Atlantic Areas

Our team will ensure that your building has the most effective systems. We work with all sizes and types of properties, both small and large buildings, multi-building campuses, in both rural and metropolitan areas. Our in-building public safety radio enhancement systems can stand alone or be integrated into a DAS, which serves the dual purpose of enhancing cellular connectivity and coverage.

ATG has built its legacy on superior service, cutting-edge solutions, and always getting the installation done right. We will install all cables, antennas, and active equipment based on our predetermined design, and we routinely ensure quality control. Our installation team will work closely with you to keep all planning aligned and adhere to all best practices to maintain the integrity of your DAS system.

ATG can help your company in the following areas:

  • Public safety radio needs assessments
  • Solutions development and implementation
  • PS 800 MHz, PS 700 MHz and FirstNet acceptance testing and report
  • Ongoing maintenance

Contact our team today to learn about our public safety DAS radio communication solutions throughout the Mid-Atlantic areas. Call ATG at 301-330-6260 today to get started!

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