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How Much Coverage Does a Smart Repeater Provide?


If your business has poor cell phone reception, you’ve likely heard of a smart repeater—an easy-to-install device that can boost the signal strength by 1,000x. But if you’re in the process of researching a smart repeater for your office space, you probably have the question of how much cellular signal increase the device covers.

To answer this question, let’s first take a look at the specifics of a smart repeater to understand how to estimate the coverage radius.

What Is a Smart Repeater?

A smart repeater is a smart signal booster (sometimes referred to as a cell phone repeater) that eliminates dead zones and improves indoor cellular signal reception for 3G and 4G voice and data for AT&T and T-Mobile carriers. At Atlantic Technology Group, we recommend a smart repeater from Cel-Fi because of the manufacturer’s commitment to innovative and reliable products.

Cel-Fi’s smart repeater can be easily installed and can take your office space from one bar to five bars in just five minutes! Instead of any messy cords or antennas, the system is set up with a Window Unit and a Coverage Unit and keeps a secure connection by using the same wireless link as mobile carriers (instead of going through the Internet).

The Window Unit and Coverage Unit—and their placement—will help determine the coverage radius for your improved cellular signal strength.

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Calculating Coverage Radius for a Smart Repeater

Installing one Cel-Fi smart repeater system can increase cellular coverage in a large home or office space up to 13,000 square feet. When used in open spaces, the coverage area can be much larger, but the coverage radius (half the width) is typically the distance between the Coverage Unit and the Window Unit.

Some building materials can change the expected radio coverage, for example:

  • Wood framed walls have an expected coverage radius of 20 meters (66 feet)
  • Concrete interior walls severely limit the coverage radius
  • Open commercial spaces can easily exceed 65 meters (200 feet) for average coverage radius

Increase Cellular Coverage for a Smart Repeater

If you’re looking for greater coverage in your office for your smart repeater, there are still solutions from Cel-Fi for increasing your In-Building cellular signal strength.

Below is an example of how one office covered 90,000 square feet by setting up three Cel-Fi systems. In the diagram below, WU means Window Unit and CU means Coverage Unit.

Cel-Fi systems are easy to set up, provide great coverage, and are designed to work together to provide stronger mobile coverage in even the densest of office spaces.

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