SureCall Fusion 5x Review


With the release of the Fusion 5x signal booster, SureCall changed the game by offering enterprise-level quality at a fraction of what similar models cost. The Fusion 5x uses four indoor antennas to boost data speeds and improve call quality in large, multi-floor buildings of up to 20,000 square feet.

With a price tag within reach for anyone and all the wireless amplification that most large buildings need, we at Atlantic Technology Group can confidently recommend the SureCall Fusion 5x for medium-sized businesses and large office buildings.

SureCall Fusion 5x Specs and Details

The four-antenna design of the SureCall Fusion 5x kit enables it to cover large buildings with impressive gain. Here are the key specs for the Fusion 5x:

  • 3G/4G LTE support for all carriers
  • Large building coverage for up to 20,000 square feet
  • 20+ simultaneous users
  • Improves voice, text, and data
  • Auto-adjusting gain of up to 72 dB
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • FCC-approved

Dome Antenna or Panel Antenna for the SureCall Fusion 5x?

Each kit for the Fusion 5x comes with everything you need, including power supply and cables. Your choice of antenna type will affect how well the Fusion 5x works for your particular building and how you want to boost cell signals around the office.

Dome antennas boost coverage 360º, which makes them good for open offices or building floors without significant wall obstructions. If a central signal booster on each floor works best for your office, you would choose the dome antennas.

Panel antennas amplify the cell signal directionally, making them better for targeting specific dead zones. It also works for sending the signal down long hallways. Panels are wall-mounted and pointed toward the dead zones.

Not sure which amplification type would work best for your building? Atlantic Technology Group’s wireless experts can consult with you about factors like the building’s layout and common user complaints to help determine the right choice.

SureCall Fusion 5x Versus the Competition

Compared to other models from SureCall, the Fusion 5x sits at an appealing price point with nearly as much power as the manufacturer’s other commercial-grade signal boosters. Fusion 5x covers 20K square feet and 20 or more simultaneous users, whereas the Force5 covers 25K square feet and serves 100 users but costs about twice as much.

The Wilson Pro 70 is a strong comparable at a slightly lower price point and rated for up to 25K square feet. The Wilson Pro 70 only has one indoor antenna, though, which makes it less effective for multi-story buildings.

Mid-size buildings considering a distributed antenna system (DAS) can consider the Fusion 5x as a significantly more affordable solution that is easier to install.

Choosing the Best Signal Booster for a Large Building

Need help weighing your options for improving cell phone reception and boosting wireless download speeds? Contact us at Atlantic Technology Group for help with commercial signal boosters anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic region.