Cel-Fi Smart Repeater

What is a Cellular Repeater?


Millions of homes and businesses in the United States struggle to get a strong cellular signal indoors. Even though you may have a nearby cell tower and a strong signal in the parking lot, your office or a certain floor of the building might be a major dropped-call zone.

The workaround for this problem is a cellular repeater. A repeater amplifies and “repeats” the tower’s signal indoors, turning a dead zone into a full-bars zone.

How Cell Repeaters Work

Much like an actual cell tower, a repeater broadcasts the waves that carry cellular data. The important difference is that a cell repeater cannot create coverage out of nothing; it repeats the signal from the carrier’s tower.

An exterior “donor” antenna picks up the signal outdoors. An amplifier then boosts the signal and sends it to an internal antenna. Your phone then picks up the boosted signal from the repeater, rather than the weak signal from the tower.

One important variable is the type of internal antenna. Directional antennas transmit in a straight line, whereas an omni-directional antenna broadcasts in a 360-degree radius.

Where Can You Install Cellular Repeater?

The devices can potentially work anywhere as long as there is some kind of signal from a tower. Although a home or building may have poor coverage indoors, there is likely sufficient signal on the roof or one side of the property. The exterior antenna simply goes in the location where the signal can best be collected.

Popular places to use a repeater include buildings with metal walls, basements, and interior spaces of large buildings. Locations where the local cell tower is on the opposite side of a mountain or other physical obstacle can also use repeaters to amplify the coverage.

Are Cellular Repeaters Compatible with All Carriers?

Many repeaters are carrier-specific, while some can work with all carriers simultaneously. Carrier-specific repeaters have significant advantages in terms of strength and security.

There are excellent solutions for carrier diversity, however. There are repeaters that can provide at least 2G/3G coverage for all carriers, or you can simply install multiple repeaters for AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile.

Boosters, Amplifiers, Extenders: Is There a Difference?

Many names have been used, but these are basically the same thing. Repeaters do not just repeat the signal, they also amplify it.

Getting a Cellular Repeater Installed

Owning a cell repeater requires almost zero maintenance, but the installation can be tricky. Professional installers can deliver the best results by locating and directing the antennas in optimal locations and taking care of the actual mounting on the roof or side of the building.

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