In-Building Solutions in Florida

Resolving In-Building Coverage Issues

The experts at Atlantic Technology Group (ATG) know that a weak cellular connection in the building can sink your business. We know how to improve cellular connections so that you’re not dropping calls and losing business. Our in-building amplification services identify cellular coverage problems and deploy solutions that eliminate the problems associated with poor reception. We guarantee you will be satisfied with the quality, cost, and reliability of our services.

Is poor voice and data coverage putting a damper on your business? Contact ATG today at (301) 330-6260 to learn how our in-building wireless solutions can help. 

How Does the Team at ATG Improve In-Building Wireless Strength?

To improve in-building signal strength, we use a wide range of tools that are well-suited for Florida clients. We take into account everything from the climate to the layout of the building when deciding which amplification solution to utilize. We can boost signal strength in areas as small as a few hundred square feet or several thousand. We can improve signals for 2G, 3G, 4G, and LTE devices.

Are you tired of taking calls that you can’t hear? Contact ATG today at (301) 330-6260 to learn how our in-building wireless solutions can help. We’re happy to help you enjoy fewer dropped calls and better data rates.

How Much Do In-Building Wireless Solutions Cost?

Mobile amplification solutions in small areas can cost as little as a few hundred dollars, with the cost rising to tens of thousands of dollars for larger areas. Each problem is unique and requires a custom solution to resolve. We offer signal amplification on 800MHz, 1900MHz, and LTE spectrum. We work closely with carriers and have solutions designed for AT&TVerizonSprintT-Mobile, and many others.

We are happy to help you identify which signal amplification solution is best suited for your needs and provide you with a reliable quote to consider. Contact us, and we will provide you more information about your in-building amplification options.

Basic Cellular In-Building Solutions in Florida

The entry-level solutions we offer are designed to resolve connection problems in home offices and small businesses. These kits include:

  • Amplifier
  • Exterior antenna
  • Cable to connect the antenna to the amplifier
  • Indoor directional antenna

Advanced Cellular In-Building Solutions in Florida

Advanced solutions are suitable for more complex situations. These take into account the design of the building, office layout, and more. These systems feature amplifiers, interior and exterior antennas, specially designed cables, etc. These can be arranged and positioned to create minimal disruption within the office while maximizing the space’s signal.

The team at ATG can install an advanced solution your business can rely on for years to come. We encourage you to contact us at (301) 330-6260 for more information.

Certified Installation of In-Building Cellular Amplifiers in Florida

Our partnerships allow us to offer considerable savings and superior reliability to our clients. We work with the world’s best manufacturers and offer wideband amplifiers from companies, including Cellphone-Mate, Wi-Ex, and Wilson Electronics.

We are a certified installer for the following:

  • Cellular Specialties
  • Corning Mobile Access
  • Wilson Electronics
  • SureCall
  • Cellphone-Mate
  • Wi-Ex
  • Zboost

These give our clients a range of options and the ability to choose a solution best suited for their operations, whether it’s a healthcare facility, parking garage, retail center, office building, construction site, etc. Since 2002, our customer-centric approach has made us the region’s premier total solutions provider.

The team at ATG is ready to help you enjoy a reliable in-building signal. We encourage you to contact us at (301) 330-6260 for more information.