IOT Device Management Platform

Atlantic Technology Group (ATG) is a nationally trusted name in wireless connectivity to critical infrastructure. Since 2002 ATG has been delivering IOT solutions to a diverse clientele. ATG’s process drive approach to business delivers consistently superior results to our clients. Our offerings will guide our clients through the total lifecycle required to deploy and support IOT solutions. Those steps are:

  • Solution Design
  • Pre-Sales Engineering
  • Device Activations on the Carriers Networks
  • Staging and Configuration
  • Platform to Manage Devices and Data Usage
  • Cellular Signal Amplification and Optimization
  • After-Sale Device Management and Technical Support
  • Technology Refresh

ATG utilizes AT&T Control Center to allow clients to manage their IOT deployments. Control Center is a sophisticated, cloud-based platform offering unique capabilities that enable you to launch, manage, and rapidly scale your connected device business or enterprise deployment.

Rapid scale

AT&T Control Center provides global visibility into the activity of all your SIMs on the AT&T network, but more than
that, you can use this proven platform to:

  • Drive efficiency and profitability, empowered with robust self-service tools for provisioning, real-time diagnostics, usage controls, and more.
  • Streamline operations and scale faster with a powerful automation engine.
  • Gain strategic insight and manage your business with an unparalleled depth of intelligence.


Analyze and control how your devices work in the field, so you can respond immediately to market conditions and customers’ needs. AT&T Control Center makes it easy by giving you a unique, real-time view of how your devices are connecting to and using the AT&T network—across all points of connection.


Streamline your business processes and scale faster using a powerful automation engine to programmatically control your devices. Monitor SIMs, usage, rate plans, or other elements of your connected device business and trigger actions to run automatically when critical events occur.


Tailor the AT&T Control Center platform to your specific business model. Set logistics requirements, define custom commercial terms, and even enable distributors and customers to manage connected devices depending on your business needs. Drive efficiency and profitability with advanced, yet easy-to-use, self-service capabilities.

FAQs About IOT Device Management

What Are the Fundamental Requirements of IOT Deployment?

Provisioning, authentication, configuration, control, routine monitoring, effective diagnostics, regular updates, and routine maintenance are the fundamental requirements of any IOT device management solution. Effective IOT solutions address each one of these aspects so that they support one another to keep data flowing smoothly and efficiently.

Is an FCC Grant Required?

The FCC monitors all wireless data communications in the United States. As such, all wireless devices sold or operated in the country are required to have an FCC ID number. If you do not wish to secure an FCC grant for a new device, it is possible to use an existing grant issued for the module within the device.

How Concerned Should Businesses be About Security?

Security is paramount in every industry and in all things IOT-related. IOT creates a vast number of possible attack points, and it is imperative for businesses to secure against intrusions, data corruption, data theft, etc.

What Are the Most Common IOT Devices Available to Consumers, Businesses, and Governments? 

The number of IOT devices is growing exponentially by the year. Current trends show that the number of home security cameras, hospital patient monitoring systems, commercial security devices, smart home devices, and weather/disaster monitoring systems are being purchased and deployed by governments and private industry at a rapidly accelerating rate. As the cost of devices decreases and their functionality increases, these trends will only accelerate faster.

Why Choose Atlantic Technology Group for Your IOT Device Management Solutions

We established our business in 2002 with a vision of the future as our guide. Today, that vision is coming true, and IOT device management is one of the fastest-growing industries in the country. As a total solutions provider, we adhere to a customer-centric approach to guide our customers to the most efficient, most effective solutions for their needs. Our experts don’t just think about the IOT solutions that are available today: We help our clients establish the infrastructure they will need in the years ahead.

Contact ATG at (301) 330-6260 to learn more about the ways our IOT device management services can help your business grow. Our team will answer your questions and help you identify the solutions that are best suited for the future of your industry.

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