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Is your business looking to improve the wireless connectivity in your office to ensure that your employees, customers, and equipment are always able to connect to the internet? ATG has the solution for your company—no matter the size. We offer full service connected solutions for any industry and any need.

Our connected solutions will allow you to transform your business, including benefits of:

  • Cost effective solutions
  • Highly secure connectivity
  • Reliable WAN access
  • Faster installations
  • Leveraging AT&T’s reliable 4G LTE network

ATG’s Business Connect provides secure connectivity solutions for

  • Primary Network
  • Parallel Network
  • Failover (Business Continuity)
  • Kiosks
  • Videos Everywhere
  • Transportation (trucks, buses, etc.)

ATG’s Business Connect offering ensures that our clients s experience world-class service, support and reliability for their wireless deployments.

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About Our Business Connected Solutions

Business connected solutions from ATG is the combination of AT&T’s reliable cellular network and ATG’s suite of cellular data products, including:

  • Cellular routers
  • Air cards
  • Mifi routers
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones

Our unique relationship with AT&T allows us to offer their cellular services and our data products—allowing us to bill their airtime on a month to month basis with no burdensome contract for your company.

Mobilizing The Enterprise…

Mobility made to measure

ATG data plans from 1MB to 100GB. Our plans can be customized to fit your requirements.

ATG/AT&T Coverage

ATG utilizes AT&T which offers  the fastest LTE network and the best coverage any carrier.

ATG Mobility Solutions


  • Cradlepoint Partner
  • PCI-Compliant ATM and POS connectivity
  • Customized hardware deployment
  • One stop for antennas, boosters, modems and more


  • ATG/ATT Secure network connectivity
  • 1MB-100GB plans

Easy Deployment

  • Easy online provisioning
  • Next-day deployment
  • Activation, configuration, testing, and deployment available
  • On-site installation services
  • Remote maintenance and configuration changes

Cost Effective Management

  • Enterprise Cloud Manager remote management platform
  • Remote alerting and configuration tools
  • Real-time monitoring of data usage and device health

WWAN Applications from ATG

ATG’s business connect solutions offer a range of data service plans to fill the needs of your WWAN applications. We offer:


Featuring low usage pricing options for lower bandwidth applications. This offering is designed for small transactional data and includes pooling across devices.


Featuring predictable pricing for backup and short term disaster recovery applications. This offering provides you with low costs in low usage months and competitive high-end cost protection in higher usage months.


Featuring higher usage pricing options with low overage for higher bandwidth needs. This offering is designed for primary use applications and pooling options are available.

Advantages of Working with ATG

At ATG, we primarily install Cradlepoint equipment—ensuring the highest quality product and level of connection. Working with us, you will benefit from:

  • No contract or commitment  we help you only as long as you need our connected solutions. You are able to turn off your connection through ATG and Cradlepoint at any time.
  • Flexibility  you tell us what you need and we will provide the unique solution for your business. All of our products are easy to manage.
  • Quick implementation – don’t wait an extended time to ensure that your business’s connection solutions get up and stay running

The ATG Advantage

Secure private network

ATG takes security seriously. We have implemented the most stringent security policies and robust encryption at every level. Secure virtual private networks ensure your data is never exposed to the public internet.

ATG Is a Premier Cradlepoint Hardware Partner

CradlePoint offers an integrated solution for setting up reliable, high-speed Internet connectivity

Enterprise Cloud Manager Software

Activate, manage, monitor and control your devices in seconds. Check usage and set up alerts.

Round-the-clock support

24/7 Support – Minimizing costly interrupts

Who Can Benefit from Connected Solutions from ATG?

Numerous industries can benefit from improved connected solutions. We help:

  • Retail locations
  • Office buildings
  • Banks
  • Convenience stores
  • Quick service restaurants
  • Kiosks
  • Buildings with digital signage
  • Construction sites and trailers

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