Device Continuity Program

Customer Profile:

  • Large Enterprise’s that have extensive internal device certification processes and or they value consistency of devices in the enterprise. Often times these clients are in the middle of a rollout.


  • Enterprise wants to continue deploy of a specific device – however AT&T has EOL’d that device
  • TCO is increased with a larger variety of devices in the enterprise.
  • Device Lifecycle’s are managing your business lifecycle
  • Help Desk’s need to be trained to support new devices.
  • Timeframe to certify new devices is unacceptable
  • Projects/Rollouts are negatively impacted when a certified device is discontinued.


ATG has developed an extensive network of suppliers that can provide discontinued devices that have been certified on AT&T’s network, extending their lifecycles within your environment. ATG will maintain customer specific inventory for the client and allows your team to meet its goals.


You will get the following benefits from Implementing ATG’s Device Continuity Solutions;

  • The business is now managing the device lifecycle.
  • Lower TCO —By increasing consistency in the enterprise, organizations will lower their TCO
  • Meet Project Deadlines – This offering will allow your teams to continue their rollout project uninterrupted.
  • You’ll maintain revenue-generating activities and customer satisfaction
  • Minimize the number of new devices that you need to certify in your environment.

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