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How To Improve Cell Phone Signals Inside A Building


Do you need to improve cell service within your building? Having a strong signal is essential to operate a business. If the cellular signal is poor, it can affect productivity. So, how do you improve cell phone signals inside a building?

The most effective way of enhancing cell signal inside a building or office is by using a cellular signal booster solution. These systems take the existing cell signal from outside, magnify the signal, and then distribute that signal inside, providing coverage in areas where signal is poor. 

Let’s take a look at the importance of having a strong cellular signal, how to improve the signal in your building and the benefits of signal booster solutions.

Why is a Strong Cellular Signal Important for Businesses?

Today, cellular devices are an essential part of the functioning of modern businesses. Of course, landlines are still present in many buildings, but they have stopped being the go-to devices they were in the past. The use of cell phones for businesses only increases over time and communication shifts from calls via landlines to calls and messages on mobiles and tablets or through messaging apps on these devices.

A stable cellular connection is the backbone of modern business infrastructures. Besides being crucial for employees, a strong cell phone signal is also essential for customers or clients who visit the building or office. Struggling to go online to look up the needed information or receive messages because of poor cellular connectivity can be inconvenient.

Good cellular connectivity is vital for the productivity of businesses, and offering an excellent mobile experience is very important for clients.

What Causes Poor Cellular Signal?

Poor cell reception in a building is often due to a building’s proximity to one or more cell towers and the materials used in its construction.

As you already know, cell towers transmit signals through the air to mobile devices and allow cellular connectivity. In most cases, these towers are dotted across the landscape and cover the entire city area properly so that a mobile device user or a building in a city is never too far away from a tower.

However, when a building or an office is far away from a tower, the cellular signal strength can be poor. In these situations, using a cellular signal booster to amplify the signal coming from the cell tower is a perfect solution.

The second and more common cause of poor cellular signal inside a building is the material used to construct a building. Thick building materials, such as steel and concrete, can decrease the strength of the signal while it penetrates the building or even stop it completely.

Modern, highly energy-efficient buildings are not immune to a weak cellular signal, as many of these buildings are thickly insulated. This insulation can make the building impenetrable to cell phone signals, resulting in poor coverage.

How Can I Boost My Cell Phone Signal in My Building?

The most productive and efficient way to enhance your cell signal inside your building is by utilizing a cost-effective cellular booster solution for the carrier(s) you want to amplify. A donor antenna on the roof will receive the signal from your closest cellular tower, magnify the signal many times, and then deliver that same signal throughout your building or office.

Cellular booster solutions can improve the cellular data reception and call quality inside residential and commercial buildings, corporate offices, hotels, and other buildings.

A donor antenna is mounted outside of a building, usually on the roof, and it is pointed at a specific cell tower and receives the signal from that cellular tower.

An amplifier unit boosts the signal from a designated carrier’s spectrum; it amplifies the captured signal.

Finally, directional antennas are located indoors, and their purpose is to deliver the captured and amplified signal throughout the entire building to all mobile devices.

What are the Benefits of Cellular Signal Booster Solutions?

Installing a signal booster in your building or office will result in an amplified signal from the nearest cellular towers. As a result, you will receive a signal that is many times stronger than without these solutions.

An amplified cellular signal ensures that your employees and clients benefit from a strong signal, contributing to better productivity and greater client satisfaction.

Signal amplification offers numerous benefits, such as better data connection speed for browsing and app use, fewer dropped calls and better voice call quality. You can also expect a longer battery life when the device is not forced to constantly search for a signal.

How Can ATG Help You?

If you want to enhance the cell phone signal inside your building or office, Atlantic Technology Group should be your first call. We offer reliable and cost-effective in-building cellular solutions designed to provide signal amplification for 3G, 4G, 5G, and LTE devices.

Our cellular solutions will cover the complete lifecycle of your cellular environment, and therefore, solve your cellular connectivity issues and help improve the productivity of your business.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and find out more about the in-building cellular solutions we offer. Together, we can develop the best solution for your business, and you will receive a customized service proposal that will help increase your competitive advantage.