How to Place Your Cell Booster Antenna in the Optimal Location


Wireless signal strength is extremely important for business’s day-to-day functions. If your cell phone signal is too weak inside your building, dropped calls, pending emails, and poor voice connection can all of these issues can become a cause for stress, frustration, and even lost revenue.

Note the Signal Readings on All Sides of your Home or Business

Walk around the perimeter of your home or business taking notes of where cell signal is the strongest and weakest. Put your phone into a field test mode to get a numerical reading of how strong the cell signal is in the area since the bars alone are not always accurate.

Find the Nearest Cell Phone Tower

After you’ve found the nearest cell phone tower, you should take your antenna, and point it towards the cell phone tower. If you have access to the roof, rooftop placement is ideal. If you are in a condominium or apartment that does not allow for rooftop access, placing it in the window is usually most effective.

Setting up the External Antenna

Omnidirectional Antennas

The setup required for the external antenna will depend on the type of antenna you have chosen. There are omnidirectional antennas and yagi antennas. Omnidirectional antennas receive and send signals in a 360 degree radius. They can receive signals from multiple towers and are the best option for boosting signals on many different carriers. The drawback, however, is that omnidirectional antennas work best in areas where signal strength is moderate to strong on the exterior of the structure.

Yagi Antennas

Yagi antennas are extremely powerful, but directional antennas. They must be pointed in the direction of the servicing cell tower because it will only pick up signal in that direction. A yagi antenna is recommended in areas where cell signal is weak on the exterior of the structure.

Regardless of antenna type, it is recommended that you place the external antenna as high up as possible, in the area receiving the best possible signal on your property.

Setting Up Internal Antennas

Internal antennas too have two types to choose from: omni-directional and panel antennas.

  • Omnidirectional Antennas – omnidirectional antennas receive signals from all sides. They are designed for central locations within buildings and are optimal for coverage on a single floors. If you have multiple floors that need coverage, you will need to place a different antenna on every floor.
  • Panel Antennas – panel antennas are directional antennas and provide optimal coverage to targeted areas. Place panel antennas in areas where signal is very weak.

Placement of internal antennas largely depends on the layout of your building and the area that needs additional coverage. If you need to improve signal in only one room, the best placement is often the middle of the ceiling. If you want the signal to cover multiple floors, you will need a directional panel antenna. In some structures, a single internal antenna may be adequate, but in others, you may need multiple antennas to adequately boost coverage.

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