In-Building Solutions Repair & Maintenance

In-Building solutions—including smart repeaters, cellular amplifiers, and advanced wireless signal solutions—can make a huge difference in your office space or building. Taking you from little to no cell phone signal to strong reception can increase productivity, customer service, and communication across your company. But like all technological equipment, your In-Building solution may require repair or maintenance to continue providing improved cellular strength consistently throughout your property.

If you need In-Building repair or maintenance for your Mid-Atlantic building, contact the experts at Atlantic Technology Group! We have been providing cellular coverage services in commercial buildings since 2002 and can ensure that your In-Building solution is repaired to provide optimal operation in:

  • Decreasing the number of dropped calls
  • Improving data download speeds
  • Increasing consistent signal strength from office to office
  • And more!

To schedule repair or maintenance, call us at 301-330-6260 or contact us online »

Cellular Amplifier Repair

Entry and advanced level solutions for In-Building cellular coverage problems can drastically improve signal strength, but external factors may require repair for your system. Damage can be caused by:

  • Weather conditions
  • Daily wear and tear in the office
  • Power surges
  • Accidental damage
  • And more

Regardless of what caused your In-Building solution to need repair, ATG can help. Our technicians will conduct a site survey and fix any damaged equipment. With professional repair, not only will you quickly back to have superior cellular signal in your office space, but our wireless experts can also troubleshoot to prevent any more damage.

Cellular Amplifier Maintenance

Did you install a wireless amplifier in your office but notice it is not providing as strong or consistent cellular signal improvements as it once did? Contact the technicians at Atlantic Technology Group! Whether we installed your system or not, we can ensure that your In-Building solution is doing just that—providing a reliable solution for your building’s poor cellular reception problem.

Maintenance can ensure that all parts of your cellular amplifier are working optimally together to provide strong cellular signal. We will also check the placement and installation of these components to provide the best signal consistently—from your lobby to your third floor conference room and everything in between!

Request Repair or Maintenance for Wireless Amplification

If you’re looking to improve the signal strength for mobile devices within your building or property, contact ATG today for In-Building repair or maintenance. Our wireless technicians can provide the best solution for your building and needs. Fill out the contact form to the right or request a proposal.

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