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Five Easy Ways to Improve your Cell Signal


It might be hard to believe that cell phone reception is not perfectly strong everywhere on earth in this day and age. However, even with numerous cell towers in the area, obstacles such as distance, geographical features, and building materials can simply get in the way.

Thankfully there are some great ways to work around cell phone dead zones, ranging from changing your habits to adding a simple device called a signal booster.

1. Identify and Avoid Dead Zones in the Building

Cell signal can be measured in decibels, with -110dB representing a weak spot and -50dB giving you a very strong signal. You can check the actual decibel reading in different places throughout the office to know the best places to make a call.

On Android phones, there will be a signal strength reading somewhere in the network settings. On iPhones, you can dial *3001#12345#* to enter “field test mode” and see the decibel reading in the upper left corner.  Users on different carriers will need to repeat this process.

2. Turn Off Apps that Run Constantly

Using your phone with a weak signal requires more battery power than with full bars. Keep your phone charged and turn off apps that run in the background. Check phone settings to see if you are constantly refreshing social media apps and other data hogs.

3. Try Wi-Fi Calling

Most current models of smartphones and all the major carriers support Wi-Fi calling. This lets you use your phone’s regular calling function over Wi-Fi without the need for a third-party app like Skype or Hangouts.

The drawbacks: this does nothing to improve the signal for guests and clients not on your Wi-Fi network, and it adds to the strain on your network’s bandwidth.

4. Reduce Obstructions Between You and the Tower

Admittedly, this may not be the easiest solution. The building’s walls or a dense forest may be the biggest obstacle for your cell signal. If there are any obstructions that you can change — e.g., filing cabinets that are blocking a window or moving a conference room from the center of a floor to a windowed room that faces the tower — these are steps that can help.

5. Install a Cellular Repeater

The real solution is to amplify whatever weak signal you do have to provide all users in the building with strong cell reception, regardless of carrier. This way users do not have to fidget with settings, stand near a certain window, or otherwise inconvenience themselves just to send a text, make a call, or use their phone’s data.

Find the Best Way to Improve Your Cell Signal

Cell signal boosters are available for home, small office, and large enterprise. Whether you need to improve the cell reception in one dead zone or power a full in-building network solution for a large commercial building, Atlantic Technology Group can help you with design and installation. Contact us today to request a proposal and get recommendations.

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