Cellular Router Rentals for Contractors

Wireless Connectivity Solutions from ATG

Is your business looking for a solution for renting cellular routers for your contractors or temporary employees? You’ve come to the right place! We partner with Cradlepoint, a global leader in 4G LTE network solutions, to bring the best products and service to serve your business.

If you need internet access outside traditional wired or Wi-Fi range, such as on a job construction site or on the road, ATG has the solution for you. Contact us now to see how we can fit your needs.

Cellular Router Renting Solutions for Contractors

No matter what technological solution you need, ATG has the product available for rent, including cellular routers from Cradlepoint, so you won’t have to deal with binding contracts or external service providers when it comes to your wireless connectivity.

Cellular Routers from Cradlepoint

Cradlepoint is a global leader in cloud-managed 4G LTE networking solutions, providing business grade, secure connectivity to businesses in a variety of industries, including those with many contractors or temporary locations.

Cradlepoint cellular routers provide:

  • Secure and reliable connections
  • Easily managed networks
  • Customer support and no contracts from ATG

How Renting from ATG Works

When your company rents from ATG, we’ll first find out what technology your team of contractors needs. With a quick turnaround time for a quote, you can have your cellular routers shipped to or installed at your business or a set location in no time. When you no longer need your rented equipment, you’ll simply return it to ATG—no need to get carriers or Internet providers involved!

When you rent from us, you will benefit from:

  • No contract or commitment for your rental agreement with the ability to start and stop your agreement at any time
  • Flexibility in the cellular routers and equipment you need
  • Quick implementation for getting your contracting business’s location connectivity up and running

Get started today. Whether you are looking for a short term or long term agreement, fill out our simple form and let us provide the perfect solution for your location, whether you need reliable connections for trailers and temporary offices. It only takes a few minutes to let us know what solutions we can provide you and your business.

If your company’s needs expand beyond mobile hotspots, we also offer rentals for:

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We can help find the best solution for your company’s needs when it comes to wireless, mobile, and other device technologies.